Doing work and I threw a piece of paper just the right way for it to get stuck in between two drawers

2021.12.04 21:59 Kermits_tadpole Doing work and I threw a piece of paper just the right way for it to get stuck in between two drawers

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2021.12.04 21:59 Senrioth Barkeeper's Friend on Brushed Finish surface?

Hello! I am relatively new to cooking, and hope to lurk here for a while! I just bought the cusine art multiclad pro set for a first attempt with stainless steel as the previous non stick cookware has expired. I read barkeeper's Friend is the way to go for cleaning/removing the burnt bits if needed. I just got it, and see it says not to use the version I got ($2 from Walmart) with brushed finished appliances and the cleaner and polish is recommended. Is this a big issue? Do I need the other more expensive version or should this be fine? Thank you for guidance!
Tl;Dr: is the $2 barkeeper's friend fine for brushed steel appliances, even though it recommends the clean and polish instead?
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2021.12.04 21:59 J-Bird1980 Our cat George on the left and foster Sylvia on the right.

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2021.12.04 21:59 Gutshand [MHW] First time playing this game looking for same leveled players to play with on Ps4, I'm right after baroth fight

Usually on at 6pm ksa for at least 6 hours afterwards
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2021.12.04 21:59 Uglyoa I feel like overtime my body especially legs have just gotten weaker

If I decide to try to go out for a day, I’m on bed rest for the next few weeks or so, I’m unable to do most things like I used to. I feel very fragile, my legs feel very weak and I get constant cramps if I don’t rest enough but even so my entire body has weakened muscles, weak strength. I’m in a ldr and I keep thinking that I can’t be what this person wants me to be, he’s disabled too so he wouldn’t be able to take care of me, who will cook? Who will clean? Who will maintain everything because I certainly won’t be able to. These kind of things concern me as I’m not the ideal partner, being chronically ill means that I’m not going to be a lot of things, I spend most of my days resting, exhausted, fatigued, I can barely do much and I’m unable to take care of anyone else either. I might be doing what I can for my cats but I’m exhausted to the core even taking care of them. I just wonder how can anyone see a future with me at all. I also don’t want to be a burden on his parents so we may have to live apart it seems.
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2021.12.04 21:59 Only_Menu413 I'm a passionate fantasy writer who would like others to check out my work.

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2021.12.04 21:59 Ni99aBalls A present under the tree

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2021.12.04 21:59 OF_Barker Dritloon swap

I need a Driftloon for my pokedex. I will give ist back, im in room 78936936 :)
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2021.12.04 21:59 late-nite-lenny As someone in the ski industry, I wonder how these brands feel about their products being shat on

So now that I have 3k stars and elite everything, I have to wonder how some brands feel about their products being completely obsolete in the game compared to others. It's a highly competitive industry. If I was the Jones rep I'd be like, "why is this YES board SO much better, essentially rendering our product useless?" Even within a brand.. why is only one board or ski the best? Why force people to ride only 5% of the products in the game. If you're not using elite gear, you can't compete.
Some of it is ridiculous too. For example, the Jones Mountain Twin isn't even close to a good park board.. it's right in the name.. MOUNTAIN board. It's a freeride big mountain board (again, I sell these for a living).. but they have it as an expert park board you win through sponsors. Sorry, way off. I get this this game pushes the limits towards arcadey with all the Shack Daddy nonsense, but don't completely miscategorize products. How are brands not like, "wtf are you doing to us here?"
In Steep, boards/skis didn't have ratings, so you could ride what you preferred. They should've kept it this way and let you, the human, rank up your abilities. Snowboarding is all about preference anyway. What's good for me might not be good for you and vice versa.
TL:DR when did UBISOFT become a ski/snowboard product reviewer and start giving equipment Madden ratings?
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2021.12.04 21:59 judinator07 I found my outside cat PETTING A MOUSE

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2021.12.04 21:59 brieflyamicus first ever nhl game, so amped

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2021.12.04 21:59 Spiritual-Cow-7999 always thought these were a gift from god. Then I started skating..

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2021.12.04 21:59 ProjectFrostfall Final Days of the Painted Pack

Heeeeeeeeeey it's me. Frostfall, the guy who makes all those Meggy skins and GMOD pics. But...probably not for much longer. Fun fact, Frostfall is the name of a fantasy novel I plan to day. Some day.
But let's cut to the chase. I've hinted at it before but I think it's clear I don't really like SMG4 anymore. I hate Sunset Paradise, I hated the Genesis Arc, I hate the direction that's been taken with Meggy and her reduction to a product shill, I hate general, and I have gotten violent abuse from the community for all of it. It's not making me happy, it's not making my friends happy. So I gotta let it go.
I mean, I have a few projects here and there, mostly written at this point. And the Painted Pack, of course. And that's what I wanna talk about here. I know a lot of people like the pack, and the skins that I make for Meggy. So I figured if I'm gonna abandon it soon after the mandatory Christmas one, I might as well see if any of you want to see something specific.
And so I ask, what would you like to see for the final skins of the Painted Pack?
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2021.12.04 21:59 MemphisJack Goku.

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2021.12.04 21:59 karanbir1395 I’ce selected bodybuilding as my goal in fitbod. Sometime’s fitbod just tells me to do 2 reps/exercise with heavy weight. Do you guys think 2 reps of 6 sets is enough? lol

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2021.12.04 21:59 sasha_m_ing Day 1159 . On top

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2021.12.04 21:59 HughMannBeeYing Crippling Loneliness

Divorced folks, how did you/do you deal with the loneliness? I’m a 32F and I’ve been divorced from my wife for about 3 months (we were married for 3 years, separated for 1 year, and together for about 8 years in total). I’ve been living on my own for about 6 months, which is something I’ve never done before and have definitely struggled with at the most basic levels (figuring out how to balance all of the cooking and cleaning and every other daily responsibility has been challenging to say the least). However, the most difficult part of this process has definitely been being the increase in amount of time I’m alone with just myself and my thoughts.
I don’t know any single divorced people my age, so I’ve got almost zero people who can relate to what I’m feeling. So please tell me what you did/are doing to get through the crippling loneliness that comes with divorce.
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2021.12.04 21:59 sma_4421 Letter of recommendation?

Should I ask my boss to write me a letter of recommendation so that I can submit it to my application?
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2021.12.04 21:59 buggsofthecorpes Looking for help building an effective "wolf brother" (from Wheel of Time) style character.

So far I think starting fighter then going for a Caster dedication would be best (leaning toward druid for flavor) but I'm not sure of that is the most effective.
For those that don't know what I'm talking about I'm essentially looking to build a character with martial prowess that also has a small army of pets. I'm leaning towards taking a caster dedication for summoning spells but I'm not sure if the beast master dedication would be better.
I guess at the end of the day thats really the question. Which is better as a dedication, a spell caster with summoning spells or the beastmaster dedication?
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2021.12.04 21:59 JayJitsBJJ PickAnAndroidForMe change your description!

In the description it says 20, 000 users. PickAnAndroidForMe now has 37, 000+ users they should reflect that in their description.
Who agrees?
Hey Hey Ho Ho, 20,000 got to go! Start the chant with me!
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2021.12.04 21:59 invincible90728 What do you guys think should happen to the Kurdish people after today attack on the Iraqi People and ripping Iraqi Flag

What do you guys think should happen to the Kurdish people after today attack on the Iraqi People and ripping Iraqi Flag
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2021.12.04 21:59 Josef_shroomaster ṬōpㅤArchive

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2021.12.04 21:59 SanjayMarq New plant parent looking for Lemon cypress care advice

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2021.12.04 21:59 gyyoome Transferred my last xx shares!

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2021.12.04 21:59 Xalazi ChocoPro 180 livestream 🍫 Season Finale with Rina Yamashita, Shin Suzuki, UMA's Tiger Jeet Shinjuku and more

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