What happened to her social anxiety with meeting people? And she must have watched something on flirting - because that’s apparently her thing now (mentioned in 2 TTs yesterday).

2021.10.24 15:36 Appropriate_Dog_4911 What happened to her social anxiety with meeting people? And she must have watched something on flirting - because that’s apparently her thing now (mentioned in 2 TTs yesterday).

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2021.10.24 15:36 ItsFiin3 What is this browning on my hoya leaf?

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2021.10.24 15:36 tofuyuki Will wifi 6E router speed up my NAS DS920+ over wifi?

Hi , I got a DS920+ NAS and want to increase the transfer speed on wifi because I cant connect ethernet cables in my home living situation.
I have a AC1900 dual band router which i purchased like 6 years ago and im thinking I need to upgrade it for faster nas WIFI transfer speeds. I'm looking for new routers and the best ones seem to be the Wifi 6E, are these the routers I should get?
Also should I upgrade to the brand new DS1821+ ? Will upgrading help increase the wifi speeds? I need the extra bays anyway so if wifi speeds is better on DS1821+ then I wanna spend the extra money to get it. If there is no difference in wifi speeds between all the Synology NAS models, will it make more sense to "downgrade" and buy a cheaper old used with more bays (eg DS1513+) and upgrade my router to a newer Wifi 6E?
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2021.10.24 15:36 h20vendetta Can somebody simplify gain staging for me if I am just recording vocals onto a beat and then mixing them?

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2021.10.24 15:36 an0nemusThrowMe RNGesus-Giveth...and taketh away

I took a break from games for a while, just got into the current season this week.
Rolled a WD to level 70, saw the gift bag was VERY lack luster, I collected the first 2 but didn't open them. Didn't see any etheral weapons.
I rolled a monk to open the gift bags, and by level 13 I had gotten a lvl 6 jade talon and then a few minutes later a lvl 13 jade talon.
I zoomed to 70 with one equipped, but now they're kinda useless :(
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2021.10.24 15:36 Massive_Dinner 🐶Baby Kishu 🐶 Launched in 10 Minutes | 🚨 Fair launch | Join Us !! | Liquidity locked | Great Community 🦾

🐶Baby Kishu 🐶 Launched in 10 Minutes | 🚨 Fair launch | Join Us !! | Liquidity locked | Great Community 🦾

🐶Welcome to Baby Kishu 🐶

🐶 Telegram: https://t.me/BabyKishuToken

🐶Contract : 0xcaace2b96199aa7892d09585b331613993bfd62d

🐶Buy : https://exchange.pancakeswap.finance/#/swap?outputCurrency=0xcaace2b96199aa7892d09585b331613993bfd62d

🐶 TOKENOMICS OF Baby Kishu 🐶

🐶Total supply:

🐶 Tax Low

🐶 Burn upon release: 40%

🐶Liquidity Pool will be locked on Deeplock

🐶Baby Kishu is built on the Binance Smart Chain Network.

🐶Baby Kishu was the runt of the litter and has been lost, fending for himself against the perilous dangers of the world. He will reclaim victory as he fights through the world of the disaster to find his home.

🐶its fun, vibrant community owns Baby Kishu, which is decentralized. The Kishu community welcomes and embraces diverse persectives to build a world-class community.

🐶With his dad reigning above him he is in search for attention and needs all the marketing required!

🐶We love and support our dad Kishu ! He has been everywhere in search for his Baby. We have now found him. Ready to get straight up! Up and away!

Concept creation
Release of whitepaper
Website launch
1000 Telegram members
Meme development

1000 holders
10000 telegram members
Marketing campaign
Listing on coingecko
Listing on coinmarketcap
Cex listing

BABYKISHU development
Increase marketing
Poocoin ads
Coming soon...

🐶 Telegram: https://t.me/BabyKishuToken
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2021.10.24 15:36 Hibcozy Some of you have paper hands and it shows.

I wonder if you bail on your wives before they climax as well.
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2021.10.24 15:36 xXJesperXx I Need more ideas 😊

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2021.10.24 15:36 healtheworlf Naam list se bat jaega - Kaka

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2021.10.24 15:36 BurnerMcBoatFace Gettin interesting

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2021.10.24 15:36 AlexSlapnuts Very specific meme

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2021.10.24 15:36 Nhunya Seeking Alpha Analysis of PSS Arbitration

I like this since it was the most recent analysis of the arbitration
Background information from seeking alpha The Full Story Why Sorrento Therapeutics Offers Tremendous Upside. Please Note: Blog posts are not selected, edited or screened by Seeking Alpha editors.
• $1 Billion Lawsuit could now be $5 Billion return for Sorrento.
• The $1 Billion Lawsuit
• Sorrento has a pending $1 Billion dollar lawsuit against the richest Dr in the world Dr Pattrick Soon-Shiong. Sorrento alleged Soon-Shiong bought and then sought to kill Sorrento’s experimental cancer drug, Cynviloq, before it could reach the market. According to Sorrento, Soon-Shiong’s NantPharma in 2015 acquired the rights to Cynviloq for $90 million cash and agreed to pay an additional $1.2 billion upon the meeting of certain milestones.
• Cynviloq was undergoing multiple clinical trials to determine its bioequivalence to Abraxane, a cancer drug Soon-Shiong invented, reported Forbes. Soon-Shiong had sold Abraxane maker Abraxis to Celgene Corp in 2010 for $4.5 billion in cash and stock. CEO interview describing how the drug mirrors Abraxane, which gives Sorrento's law suit against Soon-Shiong real credibility seeing as it would be a competitive drug on the market and Soon-Shiong would of needed to pay $1.2 Billion to Sorrento.
• Sorrento said although Soon-Shiong bought the rights to Cynviloq, he then halted the process of bringing the drug to the market, thereby reducing competition for Abraxane. The complaint said that Soon-Shiong did not pursue relevant FDA approvals for Cynviloq and let “critical patents lapse” “demonstrating zero interest in reaching the approvals the parties had agreed upon in their sale agreement,”.
• While Soon-Shiong no longer owned Abraxane, he was still Celgene’s largest individual stockholder holding 1.5 billion worth of stock valued in 2015, so a new competitor to Abraxane would have been “financially devastating” to Soon-Shiong, which the lawsuit alleged.
• The suit also alleges that Soon-Shiong arranged a separate scheme to get back the $90 million he had paid Sorrento in 2015. Sorrento said it invested $40 million of the $90 million it received from NantPharma to form a joint venture with Soon-Shiong’s NantCell, focused on cancer immunotherapy treatments. Two years later, Soon-Shiong and his chief legal officer, Charles Kim, who is also named as a defendant in Sorrento’s suit, signed a “secret deal” to move nearly all of Sorrento's $40 million out of the joint venture and over into NantPharma, without Sorrento's knowledge
• Judge sides with Sorrento, October 2019 Los Angeles Superior Court judge rejected Patrick Soon-Shiong’s attempt to allow him and his company, NantPharma, to avoid the billion-dollar fraud and breach of contract claims that Sorrento filed against them earlier in the year. Sorrento’s claims relate to the “catch and kill” scheme that Soon-Shiong allegedly orchestrated to keep Sorrento’s promising cancer drug, Cynviloq, off the market in order to preserve Soon-Shiong’s personal financial interest in another competing drug.
• The Los Angeles Superior Court Judge ruled among other things, denied Soon-Shiong’s and NantPharma’s motion to stay or dismiss Sorrento’s arbitration against them, thus allowing the case to proceed in full. The Court also granted Sorrento’s motions to compel Soon-Shiong entity NantCell’s counterclaims to arbitration, rejecting NantCell’s attempts to avoid the arbitration agreement it had previously entered into with Sorrento.
• Again watch CEO interview describing how the drug mirrors Abraxane the interview proves Sorrento has a very good case and why the drug should of been brought to market.
• Update On March 6, 2020 after the stock market closed Sorrento disclosed that the company had filed a legal action against Patrick Soon-Shiong in Los Angeles Superior Court, asserting claims for fraudulent inducement and common law fraud, arising out of Dr. Soon-Shiong’s purchase of the drug CynviloqTM from the Company in May 2015. The action alleges that, among other things, Dr. Soon-Shiong acquired the drug Cynviloq for the purpose of halting its progression to the market.
-Post-Hearing Submissions: After the hearing, both parties may present additional documentation, as allowed by the arbitrator.
-The Award: Finally, the arbitrator closes the record on the case and issues a decision, including an award, if applicable the right to a jury trial against Dr. Soon-Shiong, the Company has dismissed Dr. Soon-Shiong from the related, ongoing arbitration against NantPharma, LLC.
• I discussed this with my attorney friend he feels this is excellent news and good advice from Sorrento's legal team he suggested Dr Patrick Soon-Shiong could very well pay much much more possibly 5 times the original $1 billion arbitration suit, reason being is a jury could take severe action against Soon-Shiong for keeping a cancer drug off the market, also the legal action is directly against Soon-Shiong so he can't file bankruptcy given the fact he is worth $6 to $12 Billion. Sorrento's hired Hueston Hennigan LLP Harvard law school Steven Feldman who is recognized by multiple publications as one of the nation’s top litigators under 40, Steven Feldman uses his deep experience in the courtroom to help clients develop creative and aggressive case strategies with the goal of obtaining their desired result—whether it be a trial victory or achieving a favorable settlement.
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2021.10.24 15:36 gamerboi6969 hmmm

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2021.10.24 15:36 Miss_Bonker Who is he

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2021.10.24 15:36 longsun_z Which SRW would you like to see in English?

I was just curious where the community stands on this. Please be more specific in the comments; it isn't possible to make a poll that includes everything so I had to bunch up the choices.
I think the Alpha games would clearly win out, so I didn't include them. I also didn't include choices that already have translations in the works, i.e. SRW4, 64, 新. If one of those would have been your first choice, please let me know what your second is. Thank you!
View Poll
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2021.10.24 15:36 faerytaile looking for val19 or val20

trading otherworldly potion, 400-600K, and summer fantasy set for val19 or val20 !
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2021.10.24 15:36 ticaret Pense Fiyatları | Sahibinden Satılık İkinci El Satışı Fiyatları ❣️

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2021.10.24 15:36 tomgmoyse John Bolino, Roces Skates, Aliens, Rollerblading News WATCH LISTEN CONSUME Aggressive In-line

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2021.10.24 15:36 lxrd_liam Ktuner tunerview

I recently got ktuner. It works and everything but I can’t seem to get tunerview to work. I have an android hacked Amazon fire 7 (basically an android tablet) I have the play store and downloaded tunerview. I can connect to tunerview and the ktuner flash but nothing works on the app. Like the gauges don’t sync or anything. Anyone know how to fix this??
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2021.10.24 15:36 asi4ndoll thrifted lulu top (unknown, the color is very close to my bra, ripened raspberry) and 10” cacao align shorts

thrifted lulu top (unknown, the color is very close to my bra, ripened raspberry) and 10” cacao align shorts submitted by asi4ndoll to lululemon [link] [comments]

2021.10.24 15:36 SeaCap1428 Dm me if you have these

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2021.10.24 15:36 Panda_7326_ Try to guess

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2021.10.24 15:36 Bot-alex NHS maternity services near breaking point, warns top doctor

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2021.10.24 15:36 StrachNasty Injury Update | Jerome Baker and Malcolm Brown have been downgraded to out.

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2021.10.24 15:36 RengeK12 Anyone knows about it? I'm exciting for the last chap of Elma's arc #Chap113

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