Is hyperinflation inevitable?

2021.10.24 16:24 ZoolShop Is hyperinflation inevitable?

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2021.10.24 16:24 evrthinghasaprice We need more of fineasstiyaa

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2021.10.24 16:24 flimemon Advice on buying Samurai '85

Hey everyone, I'm looking to dive into samurai ownership and I'd just like to get some advice on what I should be looking for or questions I should ask when buying this ’85 sammi. The owner bought the car as a project with his girlfriend, but she is not interested in it anymore. The car has new wheels, a removable hard top and 68k miles on it. The owner is asking for $4,300.
Any help is appreciated.
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2021.10.24 16:24 AvadaKedavraSnitch Fic where "Ladybug" kills Mayor Bourgeois and is caught on tape

All I remember is that a fake ladybug came into the mayor's room at night and killed him. Marinette heard his scream so she transformed and came into his room. There was a security camera in the corner which captured her in there but I think the other "ladybug" hid in the closet. The police rushed into the room soon after where they saw the real ladybug near the body.
She runs away and she becomes wanted by the police for "murdering" the mayor. The footage is released and Alya gets a hold of it, with Marinette's help she notices that there's a continuity error so the real ladybug couldn't really have killed the mayor. I don't really remember much after that other than the fake Ladybug turns out to be an assassin hired by Hawkmoth.
Most probably on wattpad since I read this ages ago.
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2021.10.24 16:24 hiphopuntapped $75 article help boost up ya artist profile and helps add to you getting verified on these socials

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2021.10.24 16:24 ImTheEnigma Remove whirlwind or buff it for great axe

Its literally a useless ability that not a single sane person uses its only detrimental to the great axe and perk rolls for weapons
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2021.10.24 16:24 adithyangopinath1995 Shreya Ghoshal

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2021.10.24 16:24 arep4 wacha de puro tomar chocomilk

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2021.10.24 16:24 felixthursday Rep. Jim Banks suspended from Twitter for misgendering trans government official Dr. Rachel Levine

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2021.10.24 16:24 cratermoon Police Chief: Man Accidentally Shot Himself Twice In 3 Months

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2021.10.24 16:24 FishermanTales There is an ancient tower in the middle of the North Atlantic (Part 6)

I felt the tingle of salt air touch my face. I gulped in a breath.
My legs were still wedged... or so I’d thought. As I shifted, fully expecting a struggle between stone, my body rolled prone.
I was free.
Did the passageway expand?
Ahead of me was further darkness. I was unsure of what I was entering. But that smell—it was like the ocean.
Was I outside?
Impossible, right? I’d descended hundreds, maybe thousands, of feet below the ocean surface.
Which posed another question... why hadn’t I been affected by the depth yet?
I slowly crawled from the tunnel, reaching blindly in front of me. I did not feel anything solid beyond the opening.
I crawled a little further, still well aware that something had been in that tunnel with me, and I needed to get out.
Further—my body half out. My balance became unsteady with another reach.
And then I plummeted.
It was a long enough fall for me to have the fleeting thought of, “oh shit,” along with a sudden slap of nausea. It wasn’t long enough for me to yell or cry. When a person is startled, they don’t tend to belt out a scream, like movies may have you believe. It’s almost as if the opposite happens. Like terror shoots down your throat, frightens your vocal cord, and then jolts your unsuspecting heart.
I hit the water like a boulder—sinking deep, fast. I was conscious, and as far as I could tell through the adrenaline, mostly uninjured. But it was dark. So dark that I wasn’t quite sure I’d actually opened my eyes.
Which way was up?
I exhaled some bubbles. I couldn’t see, but I could feel. I followed the sensation. Kicking my legs and pulling with my arms, I swam desperately towards the surface. It was a long swim and my lungs were aching. Or maybe they were empty. I hadn’t had the opportunity to suck in a breath prior to the fall. Please don’t drown, I thought. Not when you’ve gotten this far.
I breached the surface—coughed out salt water and hungrily inhaled air. I wasn’t going to drown… for now, at least.
That was the good news.
But a faint light had appeared overhead. Not a torch or flame. A white light, like the moon. Reassuring at first glance. However, as I peered across the water, I saw that the light glimmered off wet, stone walls.
I was still inside the tower.
My hope was shattered. I felt stupid for ever expecting that traveling downwards would lead me to the surface. That didn’t make any damn sense.
And not only was I still in the tower… I also no longer had the sword. I’d dropped it when I made contact with the water.
“FUCK!” I shouted at the top of my lungs. The feelings of hopelessness, helplessness, and fear had all boiled over into a cocktail of rage.
My exasperated roar reverberated throughout the chamber. I floated in the water, angrily panting. I was tired and frustrated. I wanted so desperately for it to be over. I wanted to see Hannah again.
But then I saw something.
No... I saw someone.
A head. Someone was floating on the other side of the chamber—quietly watching me. A man, bearded like the others.
“Hey!” I yelled out to him.
He did not answer.
I swam in place for a moment and considered what my next move would be. Should I swim to the stranger… or try to avoid him? So far nobody had attempted to harm me, not even the wolf, so why not go to him?
But I didn’t need to, because as soon as I had that thought, he moved towards me.
His head remained above the water, eyes locked onto me.
I noticed more movement from the periphery, and glanced away from the man.
There was a woman too. She was swimming towards me, just like the man. Same breaststroke and wide-eyed gaze.
As they got closer, I realized that the water was rippling more heavily than you’d expect from two people swimming. The water was moving from them like they were whales swimming across the surface.
And that’s when I saw how large their heads were.
I began to plan my retreat. But to where? No doors or stairs that I could see.
The man and woman came to a halt and floated several yards from me. Even from that distance, it was clear that these were not humans—or at least not like any I’d ever seen. Their heads alone were the size of my entire body.
Their eyes were large and unblinking. Not wide with fear. More like they were trying to stare into my soul.
I couldn’t find any words. These couldn’t be prisoners, right?
The man spoke, his voice a gentle thunder. “Hel says to take you to the bottom.”
What I’d heard was “hell,” thinking my greatest fear had just been realized.
“I don’t—“
Something suddenly grabbed ahold of my ankle and yanked me underwater. I was hurriedly being pulled downwards. I struggled desperately to escape, but I was being pulled too quickly and with too much force. All of a sudden, my other ankle was snagged. I was being pulled faster. Deeper.
They were too strong. I couldn’t get away. There was zero visibility in the pitch black depths of the water.
Like before, I had been caught off guard and unable to inhale before being submerged. My lungs were hurting once again. And we weren’t slowing down.
Maybe I was going to drown, after all.
Then, abruptly, we stopped. I noticed a nearing glow from above. I glanced towards it, and could see that the moon-like orb from earlier had moved into the water, and was now illuminating my surroundings.
Everything was blurry, as is expected while underwater, but I could finally see.
I was surrounded by women. All nude. All beautiful. They weren’t mermaids—if you’re wondering, although at this point, I wouldn’t have been surprised. These looked like human women.
There was a peacefulness. I’d always found being underwater relaxing. An escape from the madness above the surface. Calm and quiet.
I began to wonder... was I dying? Were these angels?
Reality sunk its fangs back into me. I was dying, but first I had to drown... and that wasn’t going to be easy.
My body began to convulse. My vision began to fade. The temptation to inhale water was growing. Just get it over with, I thought. Breathe it in. As deep as I was, swimming to the surface in time was impossible.
I was going to die... and these women were going to watch.
I closed my eyes and said a silent apology to Hannah, and surrendered.
But I didn’t breathe in water. Rather, air was given to me.
My eyes shot open. One of the women had her mouth pressed to mine, and was refilling my lungs.
My vision was coming back. My body was still. My rapidly beating heart began to calm.
She pulled away and smiled.
I looked at the women floating around me, and counted seven of them. The giants swam above. Observing. The orb of light between them.
Suddenly, my legs were jerked beneath me, and I was being pulled to the bottom again. Fear raced back into my mind.
But the light was following us and I could still see.
Two women were pulling me. Making it nine women in total, not counting the female giant.
How were they able to swim so fast?
We were rushing through the water. I noticed that the seven other women were keeping pace alongside us, and above were the giants and the orb, following.
We were moving like a torpedo through the water. Again, I had the fleeting thought of, why wasn’t I being affected by the depth? Going that deep should have been deadly.
I could see that we were darting towards a grayish twisting structure, that followed along the entire circumference of the chamber, and then overlapped and went between itself. Almost like a giant knot.
Then it moved.
As we got closer, I was able to make out exactly what it was I was looking at.
My impulses kicked in. Swim back up! I swung my arms fast and wide, trying to get away, but the women were pulling me with too much force.
They were dragging me towards a giant serpent.
Bubbles raced from my mouth as I cried out in terror. The menacing yellow eyes of the beast hungrily watched us descend towards it.
There was nowhere for us to go. The serpent took up the entire remainder of the chamber.
We were getting closer, and it became apparent just how enormous the serpent actually was. Bigger than any whale I’d ever seen. Bigger than the wolf from the previous chamber. This had to be the biggest creature to have ever existed.
Closer—almost touching it at this point. I braced for what would come next.
And then it shifted, creating space in the center. We rushed between the coiled serpent, and I could finally see what looked like an opening in the center of the stone bottom.
But it didn’t make any sense. How was I going to get out of the water? I would have to go up for air, not down... right?
I was being pulled towards a black void. My lungs were aching again. Whatever waited on the other side, I was going to need air again, soon.
Finally, we reached the opening. The women let go of me, leaving me floating directly above it.
“Come to me,” I heard from the blackness below, with a clarity one would not expect to hear underwater.
Was he in there—the one who awaits upon the throne of blood and bone?
“Come to me,” the voice said again.
I glanced up. The women, the giants, the serpent—they were all watching me. Waiting for my next move.
I swam into the void.
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2021.10.24 16:24 JuniorBoy420 HELLO?

Is anybody here?
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2021.10.24 16:24 feedimo All Blacks run up three figures but it’s not all doom and gloom for USA | Martin Pengelly

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2021.10.24 16:24 Inevitable-Potato-50 More unlocked android devices that are compatible with expanded network

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2021.10.24 16:24 Zachary_the_Cat Best movies about collapse of social order?

What are your recommendations for movies that feature the collapse of social order (in a single city or worldwide, doesn’t matter)?
My only requirement is that it begins before the collapse happens and it’s not another post-collapse wasteland movie (because there’s a million of those already).
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2021.10.24 16:24 ChartreuseMeuse Automatic acoustic measurement tapping machine.

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2021.10.24 16:24 turtleycool38 How are my dog and my wife similar?

They're both only interested in coming near me when there's meat on display
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2021.10.24 16:24 cheeselesspizza Stargazing in vegas

I’ve really been wanting to go stargazing recently, but I have no telescopes. I know mt. Charleston and red rock used to hold events for it, but it hasn’t been on their calendar for a long time.
Are there any other groups that would accept a stranger to look through their telescopes?
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2021.10.24 16:24 newdeworld1234 Amazing giveaway!

Reminder! There's a BONUS read below.
Join I'll personally be giving away 400 VET to 2 of my invites EACH (ONLY IF I WIN) *only my invites during this campaign are eligible. Comment your discord username.
BONUS : 10 VET TO 20 random people from my invites (IF I WIN).
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2021.10.24 16:24 LeanProtein Another Darkrai - adding 10 - 1334 6552 8707 Bring the Bug Type - I’m leading with Mega Beedrill

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2021.10.24 16:24 9_up All of them do it and it is just the MOST ANNOYING THING EVER

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2021.10.24 16:24 ja6on9 Mr. Worldwide

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2021.10.24 16:24 aworriedbrother2 How do you deal with disappointment in people/ have hope for the future of our civilisations?

The more I learn about the reality of porn and how widespread it is, the more disappointed I’m in people. I lose a bit of respect for a person when I learn they watch porn (and most men and some women do it).
Most people here know what I’m talking about. Porn reveals disgusting things about psychology of a bigger half of people in our society. And most of them think it’s okay and will continues living and thinning that way.
How do you mentally deal with that? With this knowledge about the rot in some people’s minds. And how fast it spreads to healthy minds too.
A more detailed post below.
I’ve (early twenties M)used to watch porn myself, without thinking about it much. Why I watch what I watch, what it says about me and etc. Laugh at porn jokes without thinking.
It would be long to tell how exactly I’ve came to see the realities of porn, but since it happened (a few years ago) I cant look at those things the same way. Now I understand at least some of psychology behind porn, and it’s ugly. It reveals terrible things about men who watch It, me including. And because of that, I’m especially upset (not in tears but disturbed) at how widespread porn is. It’s in movies, in songs, included in most popular memes on this generate platform
All of it makes me feel bad. Knowing that porn reveals the true nature of a big part of humanity. Not all who watch it are monsters, but it corrupts everybody. And now it doesn’t even spread anymore, it’s become the norm. It degenerates cultures, changes people’s attitudes.
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2021.10.24 16:24 MavePlcavDH Currently best guns?

AFK about 1 year. New M4A1 Custom and SR9A2s' status seem pretty good, but I'm not sure about the recoil. So, is anyone know the current P2P meta in the game?
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2021.10.24 16:24 GiantSaint My heart can't take this much longer

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