'Under the gun' Trump can only save himself one way: columnist

Mediagazer simplifies this task by organizing the key coverage in one place. We've combined sophisticated automated aggregation technologies with direct editorial input from knowledgeable human editors to present the one indispensable narrative of an industry in transition. Johann Joachim Winckelmann, a German antiquarian of the 18th century, assured his countrymen that “the only way for us to become great, or even inimitable if possible, is to imitate the Greeks.” Was so excited to take part in helping my dad Fill his once in a lifetime tag and he got one stud of a goat. 1/3. 219. 21 comments. share. save. 192. Posted by 9 hours ago. Farming karma with WI grouse. 192. 19 comments. share. save. 191. Posted by 10 hours ago. Bushcraft Gear Pic. 191. 38 comments. share. save. 535. Posted by 20 hours ago. Read unique story pieces & columns written by editors and columnists at National Post. Get in-depth analysis on current news, happenings and headlines. Culture Survey finds college degree separates skeptics from their Creator. New polling data on the religious faith of Americans confirms the more education a person has, the less likely they are to strongly believe in a Creator, which probably comes as no surprise to generations who sat under college professors who hated Christianity and told them so everyday. For a Black theater, a Latino orchestra, a Valley cultural center and a writing mentorship program for teen girls, the L.A. Arts Recovery Fund is a lifeline. The first step is to understand the scale of the challenge America faces: The U.S. has more than 300 million guns — roughly one for every citizen — and stands out as well for its gun death ... The only way to get 520,000 men home - men who had been practically sneaked into Vietnam in the first place - was to make the decision to mine Haiphong Harbor. President [ Richard Nixon ] had the courage to make that decision, and when the other side started using prisoners of war as pawns, he had to make the awesome decision to bomb Hanoi. A membership roster for the Oath Keepers, a violent extremist group whose followers have been charged in the Jan. 6 insurrection, includes state lawmakers, congressional candidates, and local ... Easily clip, save and share what you find with family and friends. Starting at $7.95 per month ... TEXT-ONLY ARCHIVES . powered by Newsbank. Over 2 million text articles (no photos) from The Philadelphia Inquirer and Philadelphia Daily News; Text archives dates range from 1981 to today for The Philadelphia Inquirer and 1978 to today for the ...

2021.10.24 14:53 memoriesofcold 'Under the gun' Trump can only save himself one way: columnist

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2021.10.24 14:53 VapidLounge Meet my new kitten, Lexi 🐱

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2021.10.24 14:53 JowettMcPepper Apart from ghouls, Supermutants, and Mirelurks, what other mutants date from before the Great War?

As far as i know, the Snallygasters, Graphton monsters, and Floaters are also from before the war, since those were made as a result of the experiments with the FEV (the Floaters were created with the Mariposa and Huntersville strains).
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2021.10.24 14:53 theforever_venom I mean..

I have a good feeling that if there is a season 3 Henry and Patty should be together. Cause Henry is best with Patty and vice versa.
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2021.10.24 14:53 ThtPhatCat Disappointment incarnate

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2021.10.24 14:53 SFWelles I accept this as a valid follow-up on Contrapoints' cringe

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2021.10.24 14:53 hammerbutter Green Nails

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2021.10.24 14:53 28-58-27-6-19-35-8 Question: how long is the nurture live show?

I’m going to the one on nov 8 in Denver and need to schedule a ride home, so I was just wondering how long it will last. Thanks!
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2021.10.24 14:53 MistahOkfksmgur Some cool characters I drew part 3. Request a character of you want to!

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2021.10.24 14:53 littleman001 I wonder if cutscenes are affected by which character you play as.

For example, in the latest trailer where Nightwing talks to Penguin, will that be a Nightwing specific cutscene or any of them can appear in it with the same lines.
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2021.10.24 14:53 Drnelk Opens door halloween night. "Who do we ha-" SLAMS door.

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2021.10.24 14:53 WesternBloc Controller Users: What’s Your Setup?

Question above. I’m trying to get back into playing on my iPad with an Xbox controller, but have found aiming really wonky so far. Thus, I was curious what the other five or so gamepad users were doing to make it work.
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2021.10.24 14:53 taylorjran99 8 hour 30 minute shift

My employer makes me come in 30 minutes early so I take a 30 minute unpaid break during my shift. Is this the correct way? There’s not a waiver I can sign to skip the break? I’ve never had a job do this before.
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2021.10.24 14:53 cheat1985 Fucked up, but funny

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2021.10.24 14:53 nategoill Nothing Like a Phat Muffin all up in ya face 🍑🤩

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2021.10.24 14:53 Bettons [OC]Extinct-Splat: Sloppy Trials, Black, Blue Ink and Fineliner

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2021.10.24 14:53 Lucifer_Mrnngstr We literally got jabaited

What the title says. The beginning of S3 literally jabaited us into thinking this was gonna be good. The first 3 episodes were such a strong start. The editing was good, the action was well shot, the writing was arguably the best this show's ever had and not every shot was blue (although there was still some of it). But what's most important is that the Titans were finally behaving like a team, a family and not like a band of drama queens and edgelords. And Dick Grayson was actually the kind and empathetic person he should have been since the end of S1.
It really made me think this show had changed for the better, that it had kept its promise from the atrocious end of S2. But nope, as the season went on, it repeated the same old tropes from S2:

By the end of the season, the only good parts were everything related to Tim, Donna and Rachel - the characters that had the least amount of screen time.
To summarize, even though the show got picked up by HBO Max, the writing is still bad and feels like they went out and shot a draft rather than a finished product. Unless the writers magically change for S4, I think I might be done with this show for good.
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2021.10.24 14:53 highnchillin_ Amazing art

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