1990's Lucha Libre star Plata/Oro 2 has passed away

2021.10.24 15:14 Xalazi 1990's Lucha Libre star Plata/Oro 2 has passed away

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2021.10.24 15:14 Hurricaneo0oo Y'all need to chill out

People have been acting crazy on this sub recently treating everyone who disagrees with them like they're committing high treason on January 6th. Not everyone who is having fun with the game as it is right now are shills for Bezos. At the same time not everyone who thinks the game needs improvement is a troll out to ruin the game's reputation.
I think everyone on this sub can generally agree the game is fun but needs some bug fixes and some additional content in places. The devs likely read this subreddit and if we stop acting like children for 5 minutes we can give them some pretty useful insight into what is working and what isn't.
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2021.10.24 15:14 erriiiic T -

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2021.10.24 15:14 PaintAdditional7208 Papa Gut On Mysterious On Trisha

What do you all think about Papa Gut's new video about Mysterious where he basically called everyone a bunch of trouble making dip shits who could never be deep enough to understand his commentary?
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2021.10.24 15:14 RedSparks04 Should I buy this miata

So here’s what’s wrong with it
brakes (he has), throw out bearing, tires, plates, steering alignment, fenders (he has), bumper (he has), carpet on the interior, and paint
Everything that says (he has) is stuff the guy has but just isn’t installed. Nothing is wrong other than the things listed above. He’s asking 2k for it. I know these types of beaters were selling for like 500-1000 a while ago but now I see clean miatas selling for like 7k-10k so that’s why I’m considering it
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2021.10.24 15:14 MillennialCowboy If Daniel LaRusso was in Woodsboro the film would have ended in less than 20 minutes

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2021.10.24 15:14 goodenoug4now Please Sign Petition to Prove Vax is Safe or Unsafe!

Petition https://www.change.org/ProveTheVaxIsSafe
As of 10/20/21, the CDC shows that there have been 542 deaths from Covid related problems in children 17 and under.
If we divide 542/17 years = 31.88 deaths per each year’s age group.
So deaths for children between 5 and 11 would be equal to 7 x 32 = 224 total over the course of the 2 year pandemic. Which shows that Covid has had an almost negligible effect on children in this age group. It would also be logical to expect that many/most of these children had serious underlying health issues and might have died during this period even without Covid, so the actual number is probably considerably lower.
We are concerned that Pfizer’s clinical trial for children aged 12-15 included only 1,131 children who were vaccinated and at least one of those children suffered a devastating, life-altering injury:
In the interest of safety and transparency, we ask the FDA to legally require Pfizer and BioNTech to obtain the following medical tests from independent providers working in a double blind situation for every single child who participated in all their clinical studies on vaccines for children as of the current date -- before approving it for public use:

  1. fMRI with detailed and measurable descriptions of any pulmonary, lung, or other internal scarring. Autopsies of people who died from the vaccine had large amounts of internal scarring. The fMRIs will tell us if smaller amounts of permanent internal scarring might be caused by the vaccine. (ttps://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/34664804)
  2. Fibrinogen and D-dimer tests with results of any unusual blood clotting. (The fibrinogen and D-dimer help assess the presence of disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC) and may be used in estimating the likelihood of VITT.)
IF YOU’RE PRO VAX - Help us prove that the vaccines are safe and effective!
IF YOU’RE ANTI VAX - Help us prove the vaccines are dangerous!
EITHER WAY - Don’t you really want to know the facts?
Please go to:
And sign this petition and send it to at least 10 people right now, before you forget, so that we can all have enough information to make an informed decision about the Pfizer Coronavirus Vaccine for Children 5-11.
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2021.10.24 15:14 Itsdat-jitt Who got a madden 22 ps4 Regs league with open spots?

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2021.10.24 15:14 DifferentNecessary82 When is an acceptable time to play Christmas music in stores?

I work at a small business retail store in my local mall. We’re allowed to play any music on the speakers, as long as it doesn’t include profanity obviously. So I’m curious when an acceptable time is to play Christmas music in our store. I already have a Christmas playlist made from last year that has about 4 hours worth of Christmas songs, but I can’t remember when I started playing it last year. I was thinking the first week of November? Or is that too early?
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2021.10.24 15:14 craig_b2001 🔨 S O L D 🔨 ---- Stoned Shiba #1 sold at 5:51pm BST for 0.05 ETH

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2021.10.24 15:14 invalidusernamelol Never let people tell you Marx is outdated. This is him describing the gig economy almost 170 years ago.

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2021.10.24 15:14 wrap_urXhaustpipes Short rant

I was playing a small par 3 this morning and ended up behind 2 men and a young boy (no more than 7/8).I was playing solo and making pretty good time albeit I'm not a good golfer. I understand teaching a child can take some time, but shouldn't that be an example to your child on golf course etiquette? Show them that if you're playing slower than others to wait and let them play through? I didn't even finish the final 2 holes because they were taking too long and I didn't feel like waiting for them. Should I have just cut in front of them and played the final hole?
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2021.10.24 15:14 nicoshuynh [iso][us] scuba oversized hoodies (full and 1/2 zip), xs/s or m/l

open to all colors, preferably nwt
thanks in advance :)
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2021.10.24 15:14 HappyMachi Types of water jumps in Genshin Impact

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2021.10.24 15:14 smocks My syngonium isn’t flourishing. Leaves are crispy. Please send help

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2021.10.24 15:14 IAskQuestions2345 Capture Card That Picks Up Party Audio

Are there any capture cards that can be used on the Xbox one, that picks up party audio and game audio, instead of just game audio?
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2021.10.24 15:14 Mig_291009 vocês decidem se ela merece

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2021.10.24 15:14 HLMenckenFan Facebook Services Are Used to Spread Religious Hatred in India, Internal Documents Show

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2021.10.24 15:14 akamadoshi What does these things mean....??

Hello! I see no more normal text on chats... I wonder what these mean. People do not explain. PepeW gachiW PEEPO?? monkaW badge(bad?) sadge (sad?) Omegalul!?? KEKW???
I do not know what they come from or abbreviation After looking, I could guess some....but I wish to know actual meanings, if anyone could help me understand, I would love to learn from you! ^
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2021.10.24 15:14 markymark0123 LearningHub from the tablet?

Are we supposed to be able to access LearningHub from the store tablet? I don't remember what it said when that launched.
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2021.10.24 15:14 DawnOfLegion1 A guide to watching AEW, Part I : Stables / factions

This multi-part guideline will hopefully serve as a starting point to anyone looking to get into AEW's product. Through the guide, AEW's factions, tag teams, women's performers and singles performers will be explained and described. With that in mind, let's begin !

The Factory
- QT Marshall : Cody's friend is not a stranger to hustling, that's for sure. After training with Monster Factory, Marshall became a journeyman in the business over the next 10 years almost before getting a gig with Ring Of Honor. Between 2012 and 2019 when AEW started, Marshall rotated between indies, ROH and even some heavy job guy work for WWE. After the genesis of AEW, Marshall was hired to be a coach of the now Nightmare Factory, while also eventually becoming a producer. Used as an undercard performer at first, QT settled as Dustin Rhodes' tag team partner for a good while, before turning on both The Natural and his best friend, Cody. Following the heel turn, Marshall adopted a Tony Soprano cosplay gimmick, jewelry, dress shirts, even the physique resembled the legendary Gandolfini. QT stole Cody's Nightmare Factory students and formed his own faction, simply called The Factory. Creative. Since then, the crew has been reduced to midcard status at best, with Marshall losing a match to the debuting WEEEELLL, IT IS PAUL WIGHT, at All Out 2021.

- Anthony Ogogo : British royalty in its purest form, Ogogo is QT's secret weapon and the most dangerous member. After dominating boxing ( and reality tv ! ) with an impressive 11-1 record and even a win in the Olympics, earning him a bronze medal before turning pro, Ogogo made his move to pro wrestling after catching Cody Rhodes' attention. Ogogo's boxing retirement was a highly emotional ordeal, as he had to retire due to several operations on his left eye, ending his promising 4-year career. Upon signing with AEW in 2020, Ogogo initially did commentary work for AEW Dark. Months later, he would formally debut as one of the backstabbing students that QT brought along with him, forming The Factory. Ogogo fell to Cody at Double Or Nothing and has not appeared much since due to his left eye causing issues for him again. The Gov'nor is stylish, quiet and lethal, and his left hook is a dream crusher and bone crusher all at once.

- Nick Comoroto : Well wouldn't you know who won the pony ; guess who trained Mr. Comoroto - QT Marshall ! Before becoming a freaky, hairy madman, Comoroto competed in the Jersey area, Evolve and MCW for several years before being scooped up by WWE in 2019. Unfortunately, he was released as a budget cut in 2020, never even making his debut. AEW recruited the big man, and he impressed in a January 2021 match with Jon Moxley ( after doing Dark for months ). Eventually, Comoroto reunited with his trainer and joined The Factory, stabbing the Rhodes family in the back. Often compared to Bruiser Brody for his look and demeanor, Comoroto is the purest definition of controlled chaos.

- Aaron Solo : The blue-haired boi has been around longer than you might think, since 2009 ! Trained by one of the greatest technicians of the last generation, Davey Richards, Solo ( who had an extra W under his name back then lol ) partook in a true journeyman run on the indies. Solo's escaped include a hidden little gem, a tag team with Absolute Ricky Starks, and even a few job guy gigs for NXT back in 2013. Upon doing matches for Dark, Solo finally earned a contract, and was introduced to the world by joining The Factory. Heralded as the technician of the group, Solo is quiet yet oozes arrogance, par for the course if you remember who his stable boss is.

Super Elite
- Kenny Omega : The Best Bout Machine, Omega is considered to be the best wrestler in the world. After a few initial tumultuous years in the business, that included a failed developmental run in WWE, Omega joined a Japanese promotion DDT and started gaining notoriety again. Omega signed with New Japan in 2014 and joined Bullet Club, before embarking on a legendary run and slowly becoming greatness personified. After forming AEW in 2019, Omega's initial year was met without much fanfare, as his booking was not up to par. However, Omega turned heel at the end of 2020, winning the AEW World Title from Jon Moxley. Fast forward a year, and Omega is leading the new and improved version of The Elite, alongside his longtime associate and right hand man Don Callis. Goofy, nerdy but absolutely lethal, Omega might not look like much at first glance, but any man soon realizes that's all a part of his genius. Behind the obnoxious dorky facade lies one of the best athletes in the business and a true World Champion.
- The Young Bucks : Spot monkeys. Assholes. EVP's. Champions. Best tag team ever. Young Bucks have been called many things over the last 15 plus years. Virtually competing in every single company in the world ( while winning gold ) except for WWE, Bucks are the most prominent team of the previous and this generation. Much like Omega, Bucks' AEW road got off to a rocky start, until they naturally turned heel and won the titles at last. After a long reign, Bucks lost the belts at All Out to long-time rivals Lucha Brothers. Goofy, obnoxious, and ridiculously talented, Bucks might be arrogant prima donnas with horrible fashion taste, but their tag team greatness can never be disputed.

- Adam Cole : BAYBAY, wrestling's biggest free agent recently became All Elite. Cole started out his career in CZW, then went on to dominate ROH and PWG as World Champion, where he was stablemates with Young Bucks. Cole appeared in New Japan also, as a part of Bullet Club, where he teased a feud with Kenny Omega. Hmm.. After, what else, dominating NXT for almost five years as a leader of Undisputed Era, Cole debuted in AEW at All Out 2021. Eloquent, charismatic and effortlessly cool, Adam Cole BAYBAY has been the franchise of every promotion he has ever been for a reason.

- Don Callis : The human slime ball himself, Callis is the smartest man in the room, and unfortunately, that's a very bad thing. Initially a wrestler, then a manager in ECW and WWF during the late 90's, Callis left the business altogether before coming back in mid 2010's to commentate for New Japan Pro Wrestling. A long run in Impact as one of the bosses followed, during which Callis helped bring the company back to a certain prominence level. Callis has since allied himself with long-time friend Kenny Omega, Callis' Invisible Hand nickname cannot be more true. As a vile, disgusting mastermind behind Super Elite, Callis' verbal and mental ability are the reason why the group's on top.

- Brandon Cutler and Michael Nakazawa : Cutler is Young Bucks' dorky stooge who likes Dungeons and Dragons and wears a stupid mask. Nakazawa is Omega's dorky stooge that likes baby oil.

Dark Order
- Uno and Stu : comprised of Evil Uno and Stu Grayson and formerly known as Super Smash Brothers, AEW has provided these two men with a career resurgence. Teaming for over 15 years all over the world, SSB came to AEW in2019 under a completely new gimmick, as a tag team called Dark Order. Accompanied by their Creepers, the renamed Evil Uno and Stu Grayson were not popular in the initial stages of their run. After an embarrassing attack on the babyfaces during the final Dynamite of 2019, Dark Order's entire direction changed with the arrival of "The Exalted One", later revealed to be the late great Brodie Lee. These days, Uno and Stu are much better people and not just brainwashed cultists but some things never change. Uno is still a sharp-suit wearing, charismatic speaker while Stu is a physical behemoth of The Order.

- Anna Jay : One of the youngest prospects in AEW, Anna Jay started her AEW career...as a magician I guess lol, before joining Dark Order and becoming Mr. Brodie Lee's Queenslayer, Number 99. After the group turned face, Anna's dominant alpha female presence remained, acting as the voice of reason that always brings her boys together. Only 24 years old, the name Anna Jay will definitely be synonymous with women's wrestling and greatness.

- Silver and Reynolds : Johnny Hungy and A-Re have been a team for 10 years, competing in Beyond Wrestling, PWG and CZW among others. Initially being hesitant to join the cult, Silver and Reynolds finally gave in, becoming the group's Numbers 4 and 3 respectively. Silver is the group's comedy pitbull, that can get a laugh out of you and break your neck in the process too. Reynolds is a lot more calm and collected, while being just as lethal as his best friend.

- Preston Vance : Order's Number 10, Vance is Brodie Lee Jr.'s favorite member and coincidentally, he was Mr. Brodie's favorite recruit too. An absolute physical specimen, 10 was always seen by Brodie's side, which included Jon Moxley breaking the youngster's hand during that storyline. Since then, 10 has started teaming with fellow member Alan Angels, while also competing in trios matches. Big, powerful and mysterious, 10 is sure to leave scars on your body and heart.

- Colt Cabana : Big, fun-loving and likeable, BOOM BOOM Cabana is definitely a man who proves the "more than meets the eye" theory to be true. A journeyman in wrestling, Cabana has most prominently competed in ROH and WWE, where he had a short run as a comedy job guy named Scotty Goldman. Cabana returned to the indies, remaining a freelancer until AEW came calling. A long running angle ( that never concluded unfortunately ) with Brodie Lee took place, during which the leader of The Order slowly recruited Cabana into the cult. Since Mr. Brodie's passing, Cabana firmly joined The Dark Order, acting as the group's veteran.

HFO - Hardy Family Offices
- Matt Hardy : A man every wrestling fan knows, Matt Hardy is indeed iconic in the business. A veteran of 25 plus years, Hardy has been everywhere and done anything. As a part of one of the greatest tag teams with his brother Jeff, Matt has become a blueprint for modern style of wrestling. As a singles wrestler, Matt has enjoyed incredible success also, winning championships all over the world. Known as one of the most creative minds in the business, Matt has consistently made changes to his presentation and gimmick to stay relevant and in a prominent position. After coming to AEW in 2020, Matt initially worked his Broken gimmick, before transitioning back to his Big Money Matt character. As a greedy, power-hungry businessman, Matt is a slimy bastard who is cultivating tag teams of the future.

- Private Party : comprised of Isiah Kassidy and Marq Quen, these two youngsters come from a location where you need an invitation. Private Party used to be a fun-loving, party-liking high flying duo with a lot of charisma and even more inexperience. Private Party were signed all the way back in 2019, but did not enjoy much tag success, despite upsetting Young Bucks in the initial Tag Tournament. Since then, Matt Hardy's taken them under his sinister wing, gradually turning the New York younglings into heels. Now, more cocky and obnoxious, PP are still about the life of the party, but on the more insufferable side.

- The Hybrid 2 : comprised of Angelico and Jack Evans and formerly known as Los Güeros del Cielo, this cocky duo has been teaming on and off for almost ten years. Angel and Evans From The Heavens were a popular duo in Mexico, where they dominated Triple A for years. The two separated for a couple years to pursue singles careers, before reuniting in AEW back in 2019. Although they haven't been featured in a prominent spot, TH2 are still considered a world-class tag team. Arrogant pretty boys that like breakdancing and bright colors, TH2 have found their spot with Matt Hardy.

- The Butcher and The Blade : AEW's "friendly" cannibals, Butcher and Blade haven't been teaming for that long, since 2017. Blade is a familiar name to some fans, as he has been working for TNA for several years as both Pepper Parks and Braxton Sutter, while Butcher is a relative rookie as he has been wrestling since 2016. His trainer - Blade himself. After arriving in the company without much fanfare, Butcher and Blade have been featured mostly as strong midcard gatekeepers, their most prominent feud being with Dustin Rhodes and QT Marshall. A brutal, merciless duo, Butcher and Blade are Hardy's heavies, and do that job very well.

Team Taz
- Taz : One of the baddest men in the history of the sport, Taz(z) has made a reputation by putting on submissions, throwing suplexes and delivering wild promo rants. As the most dominant superstar in ECW history, Taz came to WWF with a lot of hype behind him. An amazing debut ( win over Kurt Angle ) followed, before Taz got sent down the card significantly over the next two years. Taz retired soon afterwards and has enjoyed a career renaissance over the next two decades as a commentator for WWE, WWECW, TNA and now AEW. After recreating Team Taz in AEW, Taz has once again started doing what he did best : cut scathing promos. Once upon a time, Taz ruled the world as a dangerous shooter, and nowadays he is helping create the new generation of.

- Ricky Starks : The revolution is televised ! Almost ten years of indy grinding paid off for Absolute, as he answered Cody Rhodes' TNT Open Challenge and unsuccessfully challenged for the belt. Soon after signing with All Elite, Starks joined Team Taz and feuded with many upper midcard babyfaces, most notably Darby Allin. After the group kicked Brian Cage out, Starks took the position of the kingpin and as the new FTW World Champion. Flamboyant and dripping with charisma, Starks might be a pretty boy that is overly concerned with looking good, but when the clock strikes 12, he is all business in that ring.

- Powerhouse Hobbs : Running on pure willpower, Hobbs is a man with a bad attitude and a tragic story. After his brother took a bullet for Will and lost his life because of it, Hobbs dedicated his career to his fallen older bro. After coming into AEW, Hobbs associated himself with Jon Moxley and Darby Allin in a war with Team Taz. Ultimately, the alliance was a ruse, as Hobbs turned on Darby and joined Taz's crew. Now renamed as Powerhouse Hobbs, Hobbs has bene steadily climbing up the ranks as the group's most dangerous member.

- Hook : Taz's son. Still training to be a wrestler. The most dangerous man on the planet. God. Hook.

The Pinnacle
- MJF : Just in case you are deaf, dumb, blind, or most likely, poor, his name is Maxwell Jacob Friedman, and he is better than you... and you know it. MJF is a proud, self-admitted piece of shit, and he loves it. As the most despicable wrestler in the company, MJF has become a cult phenomenon and the most talked about future star in AEW. Charismatic, loud, flamboyant and utterly cowardly, Max is anything but "The Salt of the Earth." Following several years of dominating companies like MLW and CZW, Friedman made his way to AEW, introduced as Cody Rhodes' "best friend". Safe to say that didn't go according to plan, as Friedman went on to turn on Rhodes and recruit Wardlow. Since then, MJF has feuded with the top names in the promotion, defeating most of them including Chris Jericho, Jon Moxley, Orange Cassidy, Cody Rhodes and even his "fight forever" rival, Jungle Boy. Currently, MJF is feuding with Darby Allin, in yet another deeply personal feud where MJF is exploiting Darby's torturous past against him. Love it or hate it, MJF will be the flag bearer of All Elite for decades to come, but don't worry, the man will tell you all about himself I'm sure lol.

- Wardlow : The most handsome big man in the world today, MJF's personal War Dog is greatness in waiting. After spending five years honing his craft on the indies, AEW scooped up the big boi from Ohio in 2019, making Wardlow the first signing who was almost a complete unknown, even to the most hardcore of fans. Soon however, Wardlow made sure everyone remembered his name. Standing besides MJF, Wardlow is stoic, cool and imposing, always getting his mouthy boss out of trouble. Losses in AEW are a rarity for Wardlow, as he has been one of the most protected and well booked guys on the roster. In the two years that he has been with MJF as a bodyguard, there have been numerous teases about their eventual split, with Max even mentioning War Dog's family, but ultimately nothing's happened yet. However, that day will come soon, and when Wardlow gives MJF that penultimate Batista thumbs down, greatness will truly be born.

- Tully Blanchard : The mastermind behind it all, Tully Blanchard is a true legend and the manager of Pinnacle, underrated and dare I say overlooked too. As a second generation wrestler and then a member of the greatest faction of all time, Four Horsemen, Tully achieved incredible singles and tag success ( alongside Arn Anderson ), becoming the first "cool bad guy" on a national level in many fans' eyes. After leaving the business and turning his life around through faith, Tully returned to the business in 2019, under AEW as Shawn Spears' manager. Since then, he has become a full-time strategist for FTR too and Wardlow occasionally as well. Tully has taught his boys well, teaching them what it truly takes to be a megastar and a champion. Fast cars, women, partying, suits - Tully is still out there kicking ass like its 1983, and he ain't stopping anytime soon.

- FTR : comprised of Cash ( Money ) Wheeler and Dax ( The Axe ) Harwood, FTR is considered to be the greatest tag team in the business by many. After forming in WWE's developmental territory NXT as The Mechanics and then The Revival in 2014, these two men have only gotten better and better, growing into a tag team juggernaut. After winning all three of WWE's major tag titles, The Revival left WWE, becoming FTR in the process. Nothing pretty about these two ; they are in your face, smashmouth, throwbacks to the good old days, when tag wrestling was respected. Currently, FTR are the AAA Tag Team Champions, rendering them the modern-day Dudley Boyz, in that they have won every major modern tag championship in USA ( Raw, SmackDown, NXT, AEW and AAA ).

- Shawn Spears : A veteran's veteran, Shawn Spears is a man with an interesting career trajectory. Always touted as a great talent, Spears spent 13 years in the WWE system on and off, mainly in its developmental territories. It comes as no surprise that Spears is a great teacher today ( has his own school ) since he was trained by none other than Eric Young ! In turn, Spears' first big protege was Cody Rhodes himself, a man he would call best friend for years to come. Gimmick changes, firings, popularity and everything in between, Tye Dillinger went through it all in the Big Fed before leaving in 2019 for the very last time. His immediate feud in AEW was Cody, before Spears dropped down the card significantly, yet again going through several gimmick changes. Now known as The Chairman and Pinnacle's most unstable member, Spears is kept in check by his fellow brothers and manager Tully Blanchard. Obsessed with violence and steel chairs, Spears is known to be a heartless man for a reason.

Inner Circle
- Chris Jericho : What can be said about Chris Jericho ? One of the GOATS in every aspect of entertainment, the legendary ( former ) Y2J took a chance on his career and signed with AEW as its biggest star. Forming his own faction, his very first faction called Inner Circle, Jericho enjoyed a good run as the first AEW World Champ and the premiere heel. Nowadays, Jericho is a babyface again, dropping his middle-aged alcoholic wannabe rockstar gimmick and transforming into a middle-aged wannabe biker lol.

- Jake Hager : The muscle and Circle's most intimidating member, Jake Hager is the epitome of a 5 star athlete. Known as Jack Swagger in a former life, this beast of a man went on to dominate amateur wrestling, then pro wrestling ( becoming a multi-time world champion in several different promotions all over the world ) and then finally MMA. In AEW, Hager is stoic and calm, which has been amplified many times for comedic purposes, but make no mistake about it - he can still rip your head off. Arguably Jericho's closest ally in the faction, Hager is currently involved in the feud with American Top Team, and how appropriate.

- Sammy Guevara : The heir to the Inner Circle throne, Sammy G has underwent a massive transformation since coming to AEW. Graduating from Booker T's Reality of Wrestling school, Guevara competed in every promotion that means anything all over the world, including capturing AAA's Cruiserweight Title. After joining AEW in 2019, Guevara immediately made an impact by aligning himself with Chris Jericho and the rest of the boys. Guevara's character initially mirrored Jericho's in WCW - cocky, arrogant and most of all, clownish. Overtime, Guevara grew into a likeable, relatable babyface that is completely fearless, whether that means in the ring or outside of it. After several months of strong booking ( including a pinfall win that kept Inner Circle together as a group ), Sammy ended Miro's undefeated streak and won the TNT Title in the process. Guevara calls himself The Best Ever, and at this rate, by the time his career is over he just might be.

- Proud and Powerful : comprised of Santana and Ortiz, these boys are hungry, deadly street dogs, and I love them for it. Known in previous lives as Angel Ortiz and Mike Draztik, together known as EYFBO and then LAX, PNP have conquered tag wrestling all over the world in multiple companies. CZW, Impact ( where Konnan brought them in ), AAA and now AAA, Santana and Ortiz are a menace to society. Starting out as stereotypical angry thugs in Inner Circle, PNP have since then become sympathetic babyfaces that escaped that life and made something of themselves. Even though they haven't been tag champs in All Elite yet, Santana and Ortiz have proven their greatness through awesome feuds with Young Bucks and FTR. It's only a matter of time before PNP prove that they are indeed " THE BEST, THE BEST, THE BEST !! "

Best Friends
- Orange Cassidy : Where's his mind ? Well, OG OC's juice has been cultivated a long time ago, 2004 to be exact. For the next 15 years almost, Cassidy worked in Chikara, Lucha Underground's older brother, as Fire Ant, where he enjoyed a lot of trios success as a part of The Colony. After Chikara's demise, the Orange Cassidy character was born in 2019, becoming extremely popular as an indy phenomenon. Orange Cassidy's character can be interpreted many ways, as there is a lot of breathing room, so here's my perception of it. OC is a super intelligent, perhaps even genius-level, individual that's really, really, really good at what he does, but...why should you try that hard lol ? His nonsensical, lazy approach to wrestling is what makes him different, as he could probably be champion tomorrow, but it's too much work. However, push Cassidy's buttons too much and you'll get an Orange Punch to the face son. Since AEW started, Cassidy's stock's been continuously growing, even winning a long feud with this one guy you may know, uhm..Chris Jericho ? At the moment, Cassidy is concluding his long-running feud with Matt Hardy, and my thoughts on it ? To quote the man himself - "whatever."

- Chuck Taylor and Trent Baretta : The original Best Friends before the concept evolved into a stable, Chucky T and Sexy T can be described in one word perfectly : weirdoes. Loveable, loveable weirdoes. Their individual stories are quite different ; Chuck's wrestled all over the world, most notably in Chikara and Evolve, as a comedy wrestler ( and Johnny Gargano's partner ) that has a serious side when needed. Trent on the other hand, was a promising upstart in WWE that never got a fair shake, so he took to the indies like a duck takes to water and formed his own path. Chuck and Trent started teaming in 2013 and since then have teamed in essentially every single major promotion in the world. Fun fact - despite being partners for nearly a decade, they have never been tag team champs, in any company !! Hopefully the curse stops in AEW. While individually they might be polar opposites, as Chuck is more embracive and louder while Trent is cool as a cucumber, together they embrace their weirdness and wow the world with their tag team expertise.

- Wheeler Yuta : Best Friends' baby brother, Yuta is only 24 years old yet supremely talented for his age. Blending a mix of Puroresu and lucha libre, Yuta is a dynamo between those ropes. Debuting at the age of 16 and training under Drew Gulak, Yuta has went on to work all over the world in the most prominent promotions, including a good feud with MJF in MLW. Flashy and confident, Yuta's future is incredibly bright, and sprightly with his Best Friends by his side.
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