Thoughts on freckles?

2021.10.24 16:07 yugoslavian_genocide Thoughts on freckles?

I heard that people find them ugly and weird but I find them extremely cute, what do you think?
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2021.10.24 16:07 sql_big_result NYC Marathon Ride 2021

I assume it’s the same deal as the other years.
Anyone else in?
6:50AM at the Dunkin on 92nd St
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2021.10.24 16:07 spedo100 Goreng

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2021.10.24 16:07 PoopSmith87 Lunch break rinse

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2021.10.24 16:07 QHS02 Anyone else not like the new Hammerhead? Or just me?

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2021.10.24 16:07 naayts Help, pls\_js/FdCWty6h
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2021.10.24 16:07 elmo2014 help

help hello i might need dental work soon the place i go uses liquid versed a syrup i drink and the laughing gas which will smell like bubble gum and 2 ketamine shots in the leg and they use a blue papoose board with a head immobilizer, pulse thing on my toe, the work i might need is fillings crowns deep cleaning sealants, the place as that you wear pajamas or comfy clothes, they ask that a pullup or diaper is worn its required im going be super drugged up i asked but thats ok right they allow stuffed animals too the visit would take 4 hours i do have autism and special needs the place is pediatric dental place any support helps heres the wrap they use

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2021.10.24 16:07 jeanjaian 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 – STRIKE VLOG 046

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2021.10.24 16:07 Equivalent-Ad808 Do I have to wean?

Hi all,
I posted this in breastfeeding a few days ago but was directed here
My 14 month old son breastfeeds about 3 times a day. I wanted to continue until he self-weaned. I'm newly pregnant with my second child. During my OB appointment, my doctor said that I should wean my son by 20 weeks into my pregnancy. Is this standard practice? And how should I wean him?
Any suggestions and advice is appreciated. Thank you.
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2021.10.24 16:07 HSeldon2020 Easily Fixed Mistake I See Many Making In Their Trades

Recently I asked many of you to post trades that didn't work out for you this past week, and I said I would take a look.
One thing definitely pops out at me - most of you are picking excellent stocks. Really strong daily charts, excellent strength against the market, and good volume. However, you are all buying at the tail-end of stacking green candles on the M5, and not waiting for a pullback to the 8EMA before buying.
These are FOMO trades you are making - you see green candles stacking, and start getting worried - the price keeps going up and you keep missing it. At some point you become convinced that this stock is not going to pullback and you go long.
It what seems like an instant reaction, the moment you go long, the stock reverses and finally pulls back.
There are four ways to play this. For this example, let's say Stock XYZ opens at $100, and after the first hour it is at $101.50 and climbing. Daily chart is very strong, and the stock has relative strength to the market. You can either:
1) Buy half a position at $101.50. If it continues to go up without a pullback (rare but it happens), then you can add the second half of your position at $102, average at $101.75.
2) Buy half a position at $101.50. Stock pulls back to the 8EMA, consolidates there, and begins to go back up - in which case you add when it starts going up, giving you an average cost of $101.30.
3) You wait for the pullback - it consolidates, and begins to go up, you go long with a full position at $101.30.
4) You wait for the pullback - it either consolidates and drops, or continues to drop, eventually going under the 8EMA, and you don't buy, saving yourself from having a losing position.
Notice what is not in these choices? A full position at the entry that is extended from the 8EMA.
Best - H.S.
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2021.10.24 16:07 usefulshrimp [homemade] Belgian waffles, with strawberries, chocolate and powdered sugar.

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2021.10.24 16:07 Alex-In-Houston IAE getting this issue after the most recent update?

The menu comes up and none of the menu buttons are available.
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2021.10.24 16:07 New-Grape2052 Level 38 Pokemon Go Account

Level 38 Account
1.7 Million Stardust 13.8 Million XP Team Instinct 550 Pokémon Storage 450 Item Storage 673 Pokecoins 100 Gold Razz Berries 190 Shinies 162 Legendary’s 6 Shiny Legendary’s 59 Hundos 9 Shundos 5 Shiny Costume Maxed Out 98% Shiny Mewtwo
PM or comment offers
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2021.10.24 16:07 ChoiceAccomplished69 Another idea from YouTube Mike Vanduzee and "Keep on Growin". More complicated compared to the 3x4 downspouts, but I had fun making them. My wife just started some tomato plants, fingers crossed 🤞

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2021.10.24 16:07 Lasdchik2676 Scooter On Pumpkin Watch

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2021.10.24 16:07 ZekeTheFreak429 Scabs are just blood chips

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2021.10.24 16:07 Nas-Aratat Not Recieving Any Notifications

I just recently began using the Twitch app for desktop, never having used it for mobile before, only been watching on the website itself through Chrome, and no matter what I try doing, I'm not receiving any notifications that people I follow/subbed to are live.
I've turned settings on and off, I have push notifications on, I've reinstalled the app, nothing seems to work. I even clicked the test button to see a test notification, and it did work, but nothing else has.
I do not, however, have phone or email notifications turned on. I used to have the email on, but my phone eventually stopped getting email notifications, so I just turned it off.
Does anyone have a fix for this, please?
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2021.10.24 16:07 SpartyEngineer16 [XB1][XBX][PS4][PS5][2k22] 🥇Gold Seller🥇 Looking to buy mt below market. Over 550 great reviews!

Deal with one of the most trusted sellers on 2kmtselling and avoid scams!
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Instant payment!
Rep II
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2021.10.24 16:07 narutoeragon1234 New post

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2021.10.24 16:07 Judge_Drury_DM LF Event Zamazenta Code and Event Shiny Zacian FT Pics (shiny legends organized by event, PoGo, Wild respectively)

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2021.10.24 16:07 Rullski triggerskate

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2021.10.24 16:07 Daddys_peach Epic pass, is this locals only? Best pass value wise for visiting?

We’ve been to Whistler multiple times, most years since our children were tiny tots. Normally my husband books 8 out of 10 day passes but tonight he’s wittering on about the epic pass but is confused if this is a locals only pass as he’s looked at a few websites that seem conflicting. If anyone with a better understanding could help I’d be grateful. We’ve booked very last minute for a big trip so need to get everything booked and sorted quickly with a sensitive touch to budget!
Anyway, quite shocked to say we will be seeing you all in a few weeks, couldn’t be happier, we’ve missed you so much!
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2021.10.24 16:07 reddit_feed_bot WND: California gets sued over vaccine buffer-zone demands

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2021.10.24 16:07 PhilD424 MooMooToken ($MMT) is a community-focused, decentralized cryptocurrency with a special self-driven cell-division mechanism.

MooMooToken ($MMT) is a community-focused, decentralized cryptocurrency with a special self-driven cell-division mechanism. MooMooToken ($MMT) is a community-focused, decentralized cryptocurrency with a special self-driven cell-division mechanism.
While holders are rewarded with reflections from each transaction we also automatically reward community members that help to build the coin.

The first BSC token of its kind. Every $MMT holder can invite people to join the coin.
When you send a small amount of $MMT to someone, you are their inviter and will be rewarded as they join and invest in the token.
This directly rewards the community members that actively help us grow $MMT !

This is an international project with a core Chinese development team working alongside
a UK based crypto team that are helping to build the English-language community, marketing,
and competitions. We truly believe this coin could be the next big thing. We are unique,
focused on rewarding our active community, have international reach, and most importantly  .
Seriously tho – we have huge plans for this coin. We are currently promoting with adverts live on PooCoin and …..!

This coin is perfect for TwitteReddit competitions – so if you like Airdrops this coin is going to go crazy in the near future!

TOKENOMICS: A 10% Tax is charged on each transaction: 4% added to LOCKED LP 2% reflections of each transaction go to holders

Now let's get . $MMT holders are rewarded automatically when they help to bring others to join.
By sharing just 10k $MMT to addresses which have not been invited yet, you will be their inviter.
As thanks for bringing them to our community you'll be rewarded 2.4% distributed to inviter 1.6% distributed
to inviter's inviter Instant rewards building MooMooToken


💬 Telegram:

🌐 Website: coming Soon

🥞 PancakeSwap (V2):

📈 Chart (Bogged):
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2021.10.24 16:07 troyboy5671 Sloth.

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