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2021.10.24 15:37 Ora_Cull At least 14

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2021.10.24 15:37 JayPasztor Mega Absol 0185 9461 8223

0185 9461 8223
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2021.10.24 15:37 holy_ace Do you think 2042 is worth it at this point?

I am not asking for you to try and change my mind. I’m asking if YOU think it is going to be a good game despite the new specialists and if YOU are excited for it. Just hoping for a healthy discussion because I am genuinely curious.
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2021.10.24 15:37 JaffaCh Handball club Kh Besa Famgas won against Rk Borac Banjalluka 29:22 and qualify in the fourth round of the Ehf European Cup. There was not one xenophobic chant from our fans tonight or any mention of the opposing team, just singing about our club and players the whole time 👏 Well Done 🇽🇰

Handball club Kh Besa Famgas won against Rk Borac Banjalluka 29:22 and qualify in the fourth round of the Ehf European Cup. There was not one xenophobic chant from our fans tonight or any mention of the opposing team, just singing about our club and players the whole time 👏 Well Done 🇽🇰 submitted by JaffaCh to kosovo [link] [comments]

2021.10.24 15:37 Nohan07 Une journée pour commémorer le drapeau national

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2021.10.24 15:37 HoraceTheBadger Lion King Tattoos

Was talking to my friend about tattoos we could see ourselves getting, and he was talking about getting one of his favourite musical (which is Wicked), so naturally Lion King came up for a tattoo I should get. Was wondering if anyone here had any Lion King-related tattoos or any they would like to get, and ideas for what those would be?
Here's all the ones I could think of:

But the one that I think I genuinely might do, and would the corniest/silliest/most 'cringe' of the bunch would be the mark of the Lion Guard, and of course it would go on my left shoulder (so y' could be in...the Lion Guard..). I think it works on the level of just being a cool lion symbol for people that don't know, while also being something vaguely Lion-King related without being too 'normie' (no offence to all the Simba-painting ankle tattoos out there), and if anyone does point out what it's a reference to then they're outing themselves as also being a loser who watched a kid's cartoon, and I love any excuse to drop a grenade and take someone else out with me.
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2021.10.24 15:37 Weakness42 Loc-Line modular hose. I like this thing.[2736 × 3648]

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2021.10.24 15:37 MrMejor Is the support team still active?

Longtime player returning after a couple years but have since changed phone and thus lost access to my 2FA. Sent a 2FA disable request to support so I could log in to my account but haven't heard back in a week. Is the staff still active in TLOPO, or is my account reclaiming journey doomed?
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2021.10.24 15:37 Deltaechoe Don't stare into the sun, happy Spooktober everyone!

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2021.10.24 15:37 Mumflr72 Post lottery assessment management

Hey does anyone have the answers to the lottery post assessment CBL I’ve tried it so many times and I can’t pass it all somebody help 😭
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2021.10.24 15:37 thedeegpiece Hi! Looking for 2 tickets to "Suwannee Hulaween"? I’m selling mine through Lyte, check it out:

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2021.10.24 15:37 DemdorX This whole lobby is just.. ugh

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2021.10.24 15:37 Safe-Piano6208 Can’t believe I’m even writing this but am I being crazy?

Hey. So long story short this girl and I that I work with met for the first time a couple of weeks ago, we hit it off straight away, went for drinks after with the team she said she liked me I said I did too, we went back to hers (no sex) just got food stayed up to 7am laughing cuddling etc. Asked on a date she said yes but then said no as she felt it was a bit fast and she didn’t wanna ruin the work vibe which I completely understood. Anyway all is good she’ll text me sometimes just something funny and we’ll chat for a bit. On Friday she was telling me how she’s been begging our boss to move her down country as it’s just way nicer and I text back saying Hahahha listen persistence is key. Was like 11pm but after that she stopped replying. Now I didn’t care but in my head I was like oh no what if she thinks I’m trying to hint at something like me pursuing her after agreeing to just leave it? We weren’t talking about anything remotely related to that. I literally sound crazy rn but I just don’t get why she would stop replying. I’m 99% sure I’m overthinking but it’s just nagging at me.
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2021.10.24 15:37 Wonderborowko NHL pan-tilt servo hardware

Any of you working NHL hockey know what pan/tilt hardware and controllers are getting used for behind the nets and at center ice?
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2021.10.24 15:37 coniaker 💀💉 NoVax (NVX) 💉💀

💀💉 NoVax (NVX) 💉💀
Site: Telegram:
Pre-sale rounds (3.5bi NVX) 💎 22-24 October 28-31 October
ICO (10bi NVX) 🍾🍾🍾 4 November (Guy Fawkes' day)
INFO Rewards to holders: 6% Burn Tax: 1% Transaction Tax: 1%
📧 Contact Us:
PRE-SALE link:
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2021.10.24 15:37 CoolGuy23569 5980 9469 8490 I play daily!

Lvl 37 Team Mystic
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2021.10.24 15:37 horsepunch9898 The Trans Assault on Freedom

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2021.10.24 15:37 TheCatWalk_VI [The Hidden Sage and The Star Chariot] - Chapter 41 – Strength of Stuttering!

Back. I Will post at least 7 chapters daily for the next week. Hopefully that will make up for this break the last 3 weeks.
First Chapter|Previous Chapter|Index|Next Chapter| Patreon
「I wonder if they will listen.」 Agwyn muttered with uncertainty painting her voice.
「Now's not the time for doubt!」 Elrhain pushed her forward, 「This is precisely why we carefully planned the Operation Stutter Extravaganza! 」
「B-But, I don't think I can explain complicated medical terms in Uorian with my lisp! W-What if they hear wrong and-」
Agwyn wanted to let Elrhain be the one to propose the potential cure for this 'Swampling's Curse.' Or at least the dehydration induced by it.
And yes, the symptoms servant Nana showed were undeniably of severe dehydration. It was something Elrhain and Agwyn could identify at a glance.
Many epidemics in the history of humanity on Earth have led to epoch changing tragedies, with one of the notable ones being cholera. The outward manifestations of this dhionne curse made the two kids recall the conditions of people rescued from nuclear polluted settlements from deep within the wastelands, where many mutated diseases ran rampant.
Immediate analysis and vaccine production were not possible most of the time. Hence Agwyn's Reclamation Company had guidebooks written by various experts on the field on how to best reduce or even wholly treat symptoms of the most common plagues, diseases, and radioactive illnesses that the fate-forsaken denizens of the nuclear wastes were so prone to suffer.
This was why Agwyn was actually more knowledgeable than Elrhain in emergency first-aid. But she had extreme insecurities about speaking up in front of strangers with her broken lisp.
Even if she had been practising to fix her speech, she was nowhere near confident to speak up in such a serious moment!
「It does not matter! Since we will use knowledge from Earth that can tangibly affect this world, we have to be super careful not to raise any suspicions. Especially with Auntie Lillian! She's too sharp and will definitely hound me if I am the one who comes up with the idea. But when you do it, you can just say that you read it in some memoir but can’t remember the name.
All you have to do is play cute. If you lisp, then that’s also fine. Use it as a weapon, the most lethal kind against which even the barrier of Gigantomachy is useless! 」
Elrhain took a deep breath, then continued.
「Everyone knows you only read some scrolls because you have nothing else to do when I scour the archives. That’s why it's not strange if you only remember some titbits from a random scroll but forget other details. Since this is the first time we'll use the 'I read it in a scroll' excuse, we can brush away the suspicions without too many complications. Maybe. I mean. I hope so. But right now, we don’t have time to hesitate! Trust me, cute is justice, and especially when cuteness saves the world! You be the vanguard, and I will support you from behind.」
「…. I like that you called me cute, but I feel you are insulting my intelligence.」
「Y-You misunderstand!」 Elrhain stuttered as his enthusiastic gaze wavered for a second. The boy then kept urging her to go forward, and Agwyn finally complied.
Indeed, her lisp was one of her sore points. But the real reason she wanted Elrhain to be the one to speak up, despite knowing that it might raise some eyebrows, was because she wanted him to gain the prestige that he deserved. She was growing tired of all the snubs calling him unworthy of her.
Agwyn sighed before clasping her cheeks hard and skipped forward with her signature' cute little girl jumping on a rain puddle' hop.
Elrhain gave her a thumbs up. The little girl snorted.
She donned the cutest expression she could muster while tugging on Slanout's sleeves, "Uncle Slanout, um, why doesn't the l-lealing auntie give the weak servant auntie more water and salt?"
Agwyn's sudden actions took aback the Onthoakt, and he could not answer for a while.
"Lealing? Salt?"
"… healing! You see, Annie read in a s-scroll in grandpa Archive Keeper's cave that you have to make the weak servant auntie drink water, honey and salt juice!"
"… I don't understand." But before Slanout could say any further, servant Harund heard their conversation and looked like he saw a ray of sunshine in the abyss.
"P-Princess!" The young man abruptly kowtowed in front of Agwyn, making her a bit frightened. "This unworthy servant begs you! I will give my life to you if-"
"Servant Harund! Watch your mouth. Do you want the clan to punish you for disrespect? How dare you talk like that to the-"Agwyn saw the situation turning in a direction she didn't want, so she had to bring out her ultimate weapon.
She sobbed.
And the whole venue turned as silent as a grave.
Agwyn's soft whimpers echoed for a while as she used her palms and the hemp of her robe to wipe away her tears, "W-Why won't you l-listen to Annie… I just want to save the weak servant auntie and her baby…."
Slanout scratched his head, not knowing what to do, while Harund's face lit up. "T-Truly, can you save her?"
Agwyn nodded.
"The scroll said so. If the weak servant auntie drinks salty and sweet water many times today, she will get good. Other discs do this, and the weak aunties there can beat curses. Annie isn't lying! I saw it in the scroll, honest!"
It was then that Elrhain joined in like a cavalry, saving the day. The little boy held Agwyn's hands and spoke out.
"… If you don't have better ideas to save the baby in that Aunty's tummy, then it's either this or death."
As the words left his mouth, both Slanout and Harund paled. This time, even Harund's parents joined him in kowtowing to the two, and no matter what the Onthoakt said, it could not stop this despairing family's pleading.
Elrhain insisted, "Besides, since Annie read this in a discwalker's memoir in the archives, I think it is worth a try."
Slanout alternated his gaze between the two kids, then the watch member who stood awkwardly behind them, and finally towards the cursed female servant who lay there on the bed of grass. He saw Harund's bleak yet hopeful gaze and the emotions on the face of the cultivators who were listening in on their conversation.
… after all, they too had family members in the mortal realms. A terror like the Swampling's Curse did not have eyes or conscience; it did not choose who to infect and who to not… and servant Nana wasn't the only pregnant woman in the settlement.
Earthloch Siorrakty's subjects, whether cultivator or not, had an ingrained sense of worship towards the main house deep in the bones. The legendary grand elder, the chieftain and chieftainess, and the great shamans and mages in their service raised nothing but confidence.
To them, they could do no wrong.
Slanout, being an Onthoakt, was still clear-headed. After all, the princess was but barely above three cycles old. Even if she was of the ruling house, how vast can her knowledge of healing really be? True, it was an impressive feat that she could read memoir scrolls at a tender age. But he would not put his absolute trust in a child.
It was common sense. Kid's her age could not tell the difference between a rock and a fruit. The fact that almost every common dhionne in the Siorrakty worshipped her after the girl had caused the heavens to collapse a season ago would not suddenly turn her into a wise sage.
But… as the prince said. They were grasping at straws. The Swampling's Curse did not have a cure as far as Slanout knew. The only choice was to grit through the pain. Yet even if the curse passed, the damage it can cause to a village, if not correctly handled, can be devastating, needing many cycles to fully recover.
'… maybe it is better to let the princess do what she wants. Who knows…' the Onthoakt thought, then he called over the healer who was resting at the side after depleting her manna.
The tired woman greeted the two children with reverence at first but frowned as she listened as Agwyn lisped out what she had read on this 'scroll'.
Weirdly enough, even though her speech was a mess, the incoherent words and sentences were making sense the more she spoke. Despite that, and the fact that the girl made good points on how the illness in the scroll and Swampling's curse showed familiar symptoms, it did not raise confidence in the healer.
"It is not advisable to let the cursed eat or drink anything other than medicine until the purging is completely over. Food will simply irritate her bowels, worsening the purging."
"B-But the scroll!" Agwyn indignantly raised her hands, and the healer glanced at the awkward Slanout with tired eyes.
"This may be unrelated, but Agwyn and I read a lot of memoirs of delvers and discwalkers in the archives. Since they use simple Uorian letters and not the runics of cultivation scriptures. It's fun reading about all the experiences they go through and the things they see in so many foreign lands." Elrhain said. "And in many travel stories about the three great deserts of Uoris Diosca, they wrote about discwalkers who lose their way suffer from severe cramps in their muscles, sunken eyes, and wrinkly dry skin. Just like the weak servant auntie. This was specially mentioned in the scroll about the foreign curse Agwyn read, if I remember correctly. The dhionne settlement afflicted by the curse was situated by a desert oasis."
"… My lord, the lost in the desert do not suffer from irritated bowels or purging. And the symptoms you have mentioned are caused by a lack of water…huh? Wait!"
"Yes, as if their muscled had shrivelled up like dried fruits! The dhionne of that unknown disc, and the weak servant auntie here too! The villagers there could tackle the curse since they were already familiar with curing these symptoms for generations.
Likewise, even if we cannot solve her irritated bowels, there is a chance that we can at least do something about the rest of the symptoms by following the cure Agwyn mentioned!" Elrhain exclaimed, ignoring the amazed eyes of the adults around. He knew that it was jarring to articulate so smoothly like adults as a toddler, but he had to do what had to be done.
"Also, why can they drink medicine and not other things? I don't believe the Onthoakt would spend high-grade medicinal elixirs for a servant, so you must make the medicines with mundane herbs. Am I right? And tell me, do these medicines have light ingredients such as water, honey, and salt?"
The healer pondered for a while before finally nodding, much to the good Onthoakt's awkwardness.
"So, I don't see any problem letting servant Nana drink this…this different kind of simple medicine Annie read in the memoir. It's not like we are forcing the weak auntie to eat a kilogram of meat."
Standing beside Elrhain, Agwyn pitifully chirped along, "Can you let Annie save the little baby in the auntie's tummy? P-please? I promise I won't be a bother."
Which was the last hit that broke through this tribal healer's mental defence.
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2021.10.24 15:37 Like_A_Boss_007 My thesis: (I’m a total retarttt so don’t listen to me)

I think a pump in price is good, it will make the whales 🐳 sell their shares and it will cause a flash crash 💥 📉. Then the SHIBArmy will double down and buy the shares for the low low. Don’t be afraid of price drops. Do play it safe by buying what u can afford to lose. Just remember: you will regret the mistakes of omission, never the mistakes of commission when ur 80yo 💯💯
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2021.10.24 15:37 41percentclub Saw 5 teaser intensifies

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