I heard what I thought was a mountain lion screaming in the woods.

2021.12.04 23:00 Caramel_Cappucino I heard what I thought was a mountain lion screaming in the woods.

But then it screamed my name.
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2021.12.04 23:00 SaltboxHouse66 How to stop obsessively thinking about someone when you know it's not going to work out?

So, me and this guy at work were flirting together for months and when I asked to hang out he said he was busy. Then a week later he got promoted to being my supervisor. I haven't pursued him since, and I already feel some awkward shift in our dynamic since he got promoted. I also feel I'm not as interested in him because he likes the superiors at our company and I largely disagree with my company. However, I can't help but still try to catch him looking at me (he's been doing it less) and thinking about some fantasy of us getting married WHICH I KNOW IS BONKERS because nothing has even happened. Does anyone else have this problem? I'm also sure a part of it is hard to move on from because we see and work with each other every day.
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2021.12.04 23:00 Fun_Astronomer6198 Tudo dar errado para os adversários da Mercedes.

É incrível como tudo da certo para essa equipe. Hamilton nasceu predestinado a ser octa, não tem outra explicação. Nada de errado acontece com ele, tudo da sempre certo.
Amanhã o abraçador de árvores humilhará Allah e seus súditos em sua própria casa. Como prêmio ele comerá: bacon vegano, churrasco de folhas e beberá o champanhe sem álcool no pódio.
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2021.12.04 23:00 BachirDD Can you see me?

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2021.12.04 23:00 TibrBPB My roommate expects me to dry his clothes??

So call it a coincidence but no matter which day I do my laundry my roommate waits till I do my laundry. I will throw stuff in the drier and leave another load on top to do as well. He’ll toss in his clothes into the laundry so I have to dry it for him. Doesn’t say anything and just kinda sneaks in. I just get annoyed because in the past he’s just left my wet clothes on the machine. If my clothes weren’t completely dry they would get pulled out. Just kinda annoying how it keeps happening
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2021.12.04 23:00 rtaylorcole The reason Alabama keeps rolling Georgia...

It's pretty easy -- Alabama recruits Bryce Young, while we have a walk-on quarterback.
I am NOT putting this on Stetson, he played a pretty good game and his determination is amazing. But my point is that Alabama manages to recruit *elite* offenses while Georgia tries to 'get by' with elite defense and mediocre offense (relatively speaking).
The game has changed. An elite offense is going to beat an elite defense these days. Until we adapt to that reality, this is going to keep happening to us. And my honest sense is Kirby isn't going to be able to do elite offense. So we should start thinking about what the means.
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2021.12.04 23:00 wallpapersdance What are the best/easiest ways to cash out bitcoin rewards obtained from using cashapp?

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2021.12.04 23:00 AloedeVera pokemon brilliant diamond part too! live right now purrr

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2021.12.04 23:00 now_run_like_hell My dog's life was in danger and I'm pretty sure my mom wanted her to die.

Just want to vent and maybe find someone who has had a similar experience.
My dog (it's actually the family dog except I'm the only responsible adult in the house so I get to say she is mine) gets UTIs frequently and my mom tries to give her years old antibiotics that she never used that was meant for our other dog's ear infections. So the other night I see my dog peeing on the floor which is immediately a bad sign because she never ever does that. Then even worse, I realize she is trying to pee but nothing is coming out. At first I figure it's just a really bad UTI making her feel like she has to pee, but long story short I realize this is bad and I need to take her to the emergency vet.
My mom tried to stop me. She tried to tell me "I have antibiotics let me give them to her and she'll feel better in like an hour." (That's not how antibiotics work btw, plus these are 3+ year old penicillin tablets that 100% do not work anymore.) Before I leave for the vet she ends up screaming at me saying "I don't have the money to take care of the dog!! I can just not do Christmas this year if you guys want to save the dog!" This is so bullshit for so many reasons but mainly because my dog is literally shivering and drooling and crying at this point and my mom wants to argue about money that I never asked for. On top of that, she gets up and decides to give the dog antibiotics anyways even though I told her not to and is like "there she'll be fine." Obviously I ignore her and take my dog to the emergency vet anyway where I come to find out, yes, there was an obstruction and my dog's bladder was at risk of rupturing if we hadn't gone to the vet. A ruptured bladder would basically mean a long slow death for my sweet doggo. :(
After a few stressful and expensive days and one surgery my dog is fine and is recovering, thank God. But now my mom keeps walking around the house saying "oh my poor baby" and petting MY dog as if she actually cares. My mom literally hates this dog. She screams at her and calls her stupid and is just generally very mean to her. (Not to mention beating her with a hanger when she was a puppy.) She gave my dog the most attention today than she ever has in my dog's 11 years of life. To top it all off, my mom has the audacity to ask me how much it cost and when I gave her a vague "well it cost well over what YOU thought it would" she gasped and said "oh my gosh that's terrible. That's so much money" and then walked away. She didn't offer any sort of help whatsoever. Now she's telling people this sob story about how her dog almost died and how it was so sad as if she actually cared or did anything to help. She wanted her to die. I know she did. She's been waiting for both of my dogs to die since the day they stopped acting like puppies. My girl is 11 but she's in great health other than this event. We go hiking and running and she's playful, energetic and spry like any other dog. I wouldn't trade even 1 good year with my dog for the amount of money I spent on surgery.
"She's 11 but... idk maybe if she was 8 I'd save her but 11 is too old." This is what she told my oldest sister on the phone. I know for a fact my dog would be dead right now if I hadn't been here to save her. My mom would've given her the antibiotics and forgotten about it until the point where the dog would've had to be euthanized. I just fucking hate her. I will remember this when she gets older and needs money for an illness. It's possible for these people to be so selfish that they aren't even capable of love. Remember that next time you feel guilty for saying something mean to your p.o.s. parent.
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2021.12.04 23:00 autotldr Far-right leaders fail to tie the knot: Warsaw meeting discussed closer cooperation and aligning EP votes, but made no mention of common political group

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 85%. (I'm a bot)

"It's necessary to wait for the time to be right so that selfishness and fear at party and national level can be overcome," his party, the League, said in a statement.
There are clear upsides for Europe's nationalist and more-conservative parties in coming together in Brussels to push their shared distrust of the EU. Currently, two of the European Parliament's more conservative groups, Identity and Democracy and the European Conservatives and Reformists each have roughly 70 MEPs.
A member of Orbán's Fidesz party, which is closely allied with PiS, agreed that the Polish party is still hesitant about being in the same group as some of the other prospective members.
Since his Fidesz party left the Parliament's EPP group in March, Orbán has been looking to cement links to long-time friends in countries such as Poland and Italy, and seek new allies.
Conversely, in Italy, Salvini's domestic squabbles with other far-right political parties seems to have played a role in keeping him home.
In the League's statement explaining Salvini's decision to back out, the party appeared to blame its rival on the right, the Brothers of Italy party, which the League sees as working against a Parliament supergroup in order to preserve its status within the ECR group.
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Post found in /worldnews and /Populist.
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2021.12.04 23:00 Common_Manner1842 Stepson of Doge

🚬🐶 Stepson of Doge
Doge’s stepson is a real Degen No job , no bitch and lives in the basement. A gambler a tokerz A hopeless mutt in a sense.
Change his luck and show him that he can be one of the cool kids.
Watch Stepson evolve as the market cap goes up. His appearance and his assets will grow. NFT Pictures of him will represent his evolution matching the charts market cap.
😃 Let’s get this dog his crown 👑
⚡️18% Tax ⚡️9% Rewards (this is why you are here) ⚡️5% LP (stabilize chart) 💵 5% Marketing (tweets and shit)
The early bird gets the worm. Get in the TG and invite your friends! This is a community token and will be launched soon as we gain more members.
🔐 LP will be locked for 14 days, but could be extended.
Taxes are low. Rewards are high.
💰Token distribution is as follows. Total supply 100 million ✅8% Competition/ Reward Wallet ✅4% In Marketing Wallet ✅4% in Owner Wallet ✅20% Trading 🔥64% Burn
👉Groundbreaking functions in contract. 💥"Ape Hour" Once contract dips 50% below ATH, buy tax is zero, sell tax is increased for 1/2 hour. No tokens will be sold from the team!!!!!!!
There will be more than one contest and winners will receive rewards from the 8% Wallet, not tokens.
👀Looking for : some shilling. memes creators active members. fun digital art.
Plan is to create an ecosystem of dumb degen fun tokens and communities where we can have fun with zero risk of getting scammed.
🍀You're lucky if you're here. 💪You're the truest of degens
Contract: 0x4b9A35d4897afCD4C57826f4e0BAD221b93cc941
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2021.12.04 23:00 lake-silencio Anyone else have almost no communication?

Im unsure if its because most of us are introverts, and are just very antisocial or whatever but i can rarely communicate with anyone and its a huge source of doubt for me. Sometimes we can communicate well other times is quiet for hours or even days at a time.
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2021.12.04 23:00 BluedHands Astrology Bonus - Food Healing Value VS Lifesteal?

Rerolling "vale" unique modifiers at the moment and can't decide what to hunt for between lifesteal and food healing value...
What do y'all think is better?
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2021.12.04 23:00 dcjogger Trump White House May Have Worked With DOJ Official in Scheme to Overturn the Election

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2021.12.04 23:00 drcranberry14556 “Time will tell when our earth will meet god’s wrath.”

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2021.12.04 23:00 Jaggsta Internet Essentials Plus 100/5

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2021.12.04 23:00 Turbulent-Bee-2367 The sweet package! Safe and always sharp!

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2021.12.04 23:00 justanotherreditoryk Hawkeye with the big brain strats XD

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2021.12.04 23:00 craigerino75 Toasty Sasha

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2021.12.04 23:00 Dab0rDieTryin_ Finally found a pair of those socks I always see on this sub. Three dollars at Marshalls

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2021.12.04 23:00 PleaseDialFive Extra extra read all about it

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2021.12.04 23:00 Entire_Durian5178 Looking for a TOP

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2021.12.04 23:00 RedditReadsBot Lost City of the Monkey God by Douglas Preston [History](2017)

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2021.12.04 23:00 skorna88 What is this?

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2021.12.04 23:00 AloedeVera pokemon brilliant diamond part too! live right now purrr

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