With all the announced Bruiser Items changes, it's strange that nothing is being done to Stridebreaker

2022.01.25 16:25 Justalostdudeasking With all the announced Bruiser Items changes, it's strange that nothing is being done to Stridebreaker

Probably the worst Bruiser Mythic in the game.
The small dash removal completely doomen the item. Only Garen and Nocturne i believe build it consistently, but they can easly swap to other shiz.
Honestly they should probably completely remove the slow, give the active a 90 seconds CD like Galeforce, and give it the Small dash back.
It's so unbelievably useless It's crazy.
Less sustain than gore/sunderer
Less Dmg than Tri-Force/Eclipse
Trash ass item, if they don't want to change it, just remove it and make BOTRK a Mythic.
So people will stop complaining about Irelia going BOTRK+ISB and killing everything.
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2022.01.25 16:25 thebitpages New Interview with Gen. Jim Mattis (Ret.)

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2022.01.25 16:25 wavysleigh Super Gremlin

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2022.01.25 16:25 mongoose0ntheloose ADLs for a client with severe amnesia

Hello, I am an SLP grad student, and I this semester I will be working (virtually) with a young adult client who has severe retrograde and anterograde amnesia (6 years post onset). They have challenges with prospective memory that affect their ability to complete ADLs. They have had variations of the same goal (independently remember to take a shower 4x/wk) for many, many semesters, and have made little progress. They do not have any motor deficits, just memory. Previous strategies used were phone alarms, changing the time of day they showered, leaving notes around the house in strategic locations reminding them to shower, and leaving a towel in a conspicuous location as a reminder. Client lives with their family, but the family does not want to have to always remind them. Client has previously gotten OT services but is not getting OT services at this time.
Does anyone have any experience with a similar situation or ideas to help this client to remember to complete this task? Perhaps you could point me in the direction of a relevant resource? TIA :)
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2022.01.25 16:25 Just_an-average_dude num post q tinha a bandeira do brasil de fundo kk

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2022.01.25 16:25 Bynum458 Finally got my 55 (I think) tank divided into 3 smaller tanks for my shrimp will quit cross breeding!

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2022.01.25 16:25 Menace_17 How to not v* the day after you drink?

For a lil background, im a first year college student. Im not gonna self diagnose and say I have emetophobia cause thatd be disrespectful to ppl that actually do, but I will say Ive had anxiety since I was 6, most of which comes from my fear of tu. Anyway, ive had a few drinks since i started college. All liquor cause theres almost no beer at my college. Ive had a couple mcgillicuddy nips, i had a smirnoff red white and blue once and mixed it with mtn dew another time, and i had champagne once. Ive only ever been able to bring myself to drink a tiny bit at a time because of my stupid fear. I wont drink smirnoff again cause the slightest drop of it gives me a 3 day hangover, but i want some advice. How many drinks will it take to make me tu? And what kinds of drinks are less likely to get you hungover the next day? Id really appreciate your help. Thanks!
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2022.01.25 16:25 iammr_lunatic What other careers does a CS engineer have if they don't want a corporate sector/ technical job?

What separate degrees would they need (if needed) if they don't want to work in the corporate sector?
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2022.01.25 16:25 Electrikbluez Atlas White

Mostly seeing Atlas White (SE) at local dealers. Is this on purpose ? I’m in Los Angeles.
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2022.01.25 16:25 davet1199 Essentially doubling seat gifts for football and basketball????

The box office just called me about moving to Moody. The agent appeared to claim that a seat gift can no longer cover both basketball and football tickets simultaneously. In other words instead of one $1000 gift covering both the basketball and football seat gifts, one now has to make 2 $1000 gifts - one for basketball, and one for football.
Can anyone confirm this policy change? It's pretty huge price increase for the most loyal fans who have both football and basketball tickets.
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2022.01.25 16:25 Dr_Adequate Tilt floating hydrometer question- how much headspace needed in the fermenter?

I'm thinking of getting one or a couple Tilt floating temp/hydrometer sensors, and I'm curious when it's floating in the fermenter, how much of the body sticks up above the wort? I couldn't find this on their website or in the FAQ, and I just want to be sure I can fit a full five gallons in my ferment bucket and have the Tilt work properly without bouncing off the underside of the lid.
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2022.01.25 16:25 IUOpt [WTS] BNIB Geissele 10.3” URG-I Complete Upper (IN)

Brand new still in the package. Includes BCG, CH, Surefire 4 prong, Super 42 and H3 Buffer, and Swag. This is the newer G barrel upper.
Waited 6 months for this and have moved on to other projects instead.
Asking $1215 net shipped and insured.
Geissele URG-I
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2022.01.25 16:25 VeraKorradin When they have no idea you're about to send them to the lobby. Satisfying Kraber shot

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2022.01.25 16:25 porcos3 Subtracting one dataframe from another in pandas

I want to subtract one dataframe from another using pandas but when I try it gives me all NaN values. Both have the same number of columns, but different number of rows. The column names are not the same though, is this maybe what causing the problem? The columns are for the same variables, just different year and have the year in the name. Is there a way around this without having to change the name for all the columns?
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2022.01.25 16:25 Swimming_Talk_3037 U

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2022.01.25 16:25 worstsmellimaginable What are some of your darkest most fucked stories from living this beautiful life. Hitchhiking, train hopping, staying in tent cities etc.

I'll start with one and maybe get some others in after I get some more boos in me and let me start by saying that hitchhiking and living like this has actually made my faith in humanity skyrocket so try not to let any of these stories turn you away from giving it a shot. If you don't go looking for trouble and know what you're doing it is usually pretty smooth sailing.
Obviously names will be changed to protect the identity of my friends and if someone knows my close friends and I and have heard these stories before please refrain from posting names in the comments. If it happens whatever idgaf but if you're a homie just DM me.
1st story. and not the darkest but maybe one of the more fucked up things I've had to do: I guess I'll call it Cannibal or Weird Fucking Tweaker? We'll Never Know.
Sometime around Christmas of 2019, after spending a good bit of time in Savannah GA, two of my best friends, Jane(f), Cas(m), and I(m) were pretty tired of the city and felt like spending some time at the beach. I knew of a pretty good money spot, beach spot, camp spot whatever outside of downtown Saint Augustines FL so the three of us hitchhike out of Savannah and within minutes get a straight shot ride there from the music director of all of SCAD(art school in savanna GA). He gives us his number, kicks us down some cash, and after taking us to buy some boos, drops us off at my spot.
We get pretty drunk and pass out on the beach. Next morning while busking up some boos money for the day this pretty cute bald chick who's name is escaping my memory ATM offers us a place to stay. We walk with her to her "house" not aware of the incoming shitshow or that her house is actually just a squat and spend most of the day drinking on the roof with her until a dude about twice her age shows up.
He starts yelling about something and she tells us he's been raping her for the last few months so we told him what was gonna happen if he didn't kick rocks. Later that night outside the liquor store, rapist bike dude shows up again and refuses to leave sooooo... we proceed to beat the breaks off this guy in front of the liquor store and a really fancy and quite busy pizza place. The bald chick who claimed he was raping her starts screaming for us to stop and how much she actually loved him. Running towards us hysterically, she trips and literally busts all her teeth out on the curb.
So we grab our packs and dip from this shitshow before the cops got there and not quite satisfied with our supposed to be quiet beach getaway, take a bus downtown to see if we'd run into any of our friends.
Now this is the part of the story that's really fucked so lemme drink a Lil more whiskey rite qwik.
So we are walking around st George street downtown Saint Augustines, kicking down a couple homebums since we usually do pretty well busking and like to spread the wealth on our search for any familiar faces. We go behind what looks like an abandoned restaurant to take a few drinks off our whiskey bottle when we notice the back door to the restaurant open so why not take a peek. What we found was the sickest sleep spot. Bando restaurant right downtown with electricity and running water! So we just say fuck it and kick it down there for the night which is when Cas realizes he left our ukulele somewhere so he decides to go retrace his steps while me and Jane proceed to drink more, rummage around in what was left behind in the kitchen, and eventually set up our sleeping bags towards the back of the kitchen.
Some time passes before the door opens back up and instead of Cas, standing in the doorway was a pretty hagard old homeless dude. I greet him and apologize saying we didn't know someone was already sleeping here. Without saying a word the older man flips the light switch by the door and the place goes pitch black. Immediately I turn on my headlamp pull out my knife and barricade Jane and I in with the metal chef tables by the back of the kitchen where we were set up.
I tell the guy to turn the lights back on or there were gonna be problems so he turns them back on for a brief moment... and then flips them back off.
I'm like "yo turn the fucking lights back on"
And without saying anything he turns them back on... and then back off again.
This goes on for about 20 minutes almost to the point where I wasn't even taking it seriously kinda just telling him to turn the lights back on before he'd turn them back off wondering how long he would keep up this weird game.
Finally Cas gets back and the tension seems to fully dissipate.
"What's up dude, find the uke?" I asked
He said "hell no".
He walks straight passed the old man, lights on, and asked if the dude wanted a drink, unaware of the last 20 minutes.
I don't elaborate but gesture that something is off with the dude and tell him to keep an eye on him with a rare serious look on my face.
He takes notice and we move the tables so him and the old dude can sit down and join us for more drinks.
The guy takes a few generous slugs off our bottle and we eventually get his name out of him before he starts saying sorta funny things.
"I haven't eaten in a few days" said the old dude
"Oh well weve got some food if you want" I said.
He said "yes you do" while eyefucking the shit out of Jane and pulling out his flip phone.
Cas and I look at each other noting down the first flag.
Old dude says some bullshit like "girls taste the best and that he wanted to call his friends over."
Having met some cannibals once before in Denver CO I was kinda getting where he was coming from so I crack a joke trying to lighten the air and make Jane feel more comfortable saying "yea dude I'll trade you my arm for your leg we can all chow down haha"
"No I only eat girls" he said reaching for Jane's leg
Cas smacks his hand away and said "do that again and ur dead"
The old fucking dude actually fucking does and in a second Cas has him on the ground in some weird hold with a knife to his throat
"Cas, nooooooo!" Jane yelled
I see the crazed look in his eyes fade a bit and in better judgment knocks him out with one kick to the head.
Now we've both dealt with cannibals, sex traffickers and creeps of all nature so we looked at each other both knowing this guy wasn't getting off the hook that easily so we proceed to start kicking and stomping his head until there was a pool of blood. Pulled his pants down emptied the can of spam we offered him prior onto his ass. Then Cas grabbed a glass jar lined it up with his asshole and with one final blow, stomped the glass jar into his asshole.
We pack up our gear and search for a new campsite and plan on leaving town in the morning knowing very well the possible consequences if we stuck around.
dunno if we killed a Cannibal or just a weird Tweaker claiming cannibalism either way he deserved it. Idk he might have survived but that would have been a rough morning to wake up to.
Anyway anybody have any fucked up stories from the road to share? I have quite a few more from over the last 6 years but Def taking a break after recounting all of that.
Maybe I'll post one a day idk.
Also BTW I have a dog now and can't afford to go looking for trouble like I used to inb4>you kids give traveller's a bad name
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2022.01.25 16:25 devangs3 It’s time !

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2022.01.25 16:25 pyrrh0 Cleaning out some old stuff. Anyone know what this is a remnant of?

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2022.01.25 16:25 windtunnel1 Omega too narrow, so I made it wider

Hi all, just thought I'd post this in case anyone else was in the same position.
I acquired an Omega chair for free (wife's friend broke up with bf, he left the chair and she didn't want it). It was in excellent condition but I found the seat too narrow as I like to sit with a wider stance or sometimes cross-legged and the sides were digging into my legs. So I made it wider.
Required: hacksaw, needlenose pliers, allen key (or tools that came with the chair).
Optional: file, black tape or paint.
Basically there are metal tubes that follow the contour of the side padding, they need to be cut at the front of the chair and moved outwards and down.
Step 1: Remove armrests
Step 2: Remove hooks holding the cushion covers in place. These are just round hooks that you can rotate out with needlenose pliers.
Step 3: With the covers now loosened you can lift the foam up, exposing the metal tubing at the front of the chair (where your knees are).
Step 4: Cut the metal tube where it attaches to the front of the chair. File the now exposed ends to prevent any cuts to the chair or your legs. Paint exposed ends, or wrap in tape (I used black electrician's tape).
Step 5: Gently, and by hand, bend the sides outwards, then downwards. I just did it about 1.5 inches out and down. Test the seat and adjust accordingly until you're satisfied.
Step 6: Reattach the covers to the padding and bolt on the armrests.
Obviously this will void your warranty, but since I got it for free I figured why not?
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2022.01.25 16:25 Bernard_Hunor_Deak Agates are truly some of the most gorgeous things nature has created.

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2022.01.25 16:25 LikedCascade How many films should the next actor do?

View Poll
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2022.01.25 16:25 circuitpirate Jet Noise - Long flight from Salt Lake City to Nashville via Flight Sim [INTENTIONAL] [OC]

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2022.01.25 16:25 Whispering_Diplomat Former California Republic legislator Jeff Stone seeking state Senate seat in Nevada

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2022.01.25 16:25 eatandyeetmymeat I feel kinda confident, so here's me! :p

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2022.01.25 16:25 iggyazaleatown Opinions on tire size: 265/70-17 vs 255/80-17.

Just wanted some opinions between the two for most. I plan on getting the Fox 2.5 kit from Accutune Offroad. This is for a 2022 ORP.
I’m considering between getting AT’s in the 265’s vs getting 255 33”. To me, personally, the 285’s are a bit of a headache with cutting/trimming/BMC - which I don’t wanna do with a new truck.
Use case: - 80% on road/20% off road - Southern California trails mostly (desert/mountains/forest) - Also plan on PNW, Utah, & Colorado - Overlanding in those places - Desert running - No real rock crawling - Not much mud in my geographical area - Snow performance would be great too
The 285’s would be ideal, but I don’t intend to lift too much beyond leveling. I don’t want to bother with rubbing or trimming.
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